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IFA 2022: SKYWORTH TV debuts with a variety of OLED and MiniLED products

Posting time:2023-02-02 06:19:24

IFA 2022: SKYWORTH TV debuts with a variety of OLED and MiniLED products

On September 2, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (hereinafter referred to as IFA 2022) officially kicked off in Berlin, Germany. As a leading enterprise in smart display technology, Skyworth TV is based in China and has a global perspective. It will show up at IFA 2022 with its three major brands, "Skyworth", "Meiz" and "Cooka" and a number of innovative products, and shine on the international stage. Cutting-edge technology: creating the ultimate product experience The core of TV products is display. For a long time, Skyworth TV has continuously broken through the imagination space of the TV industry with cutting-edge display technology. At IFA 2022, Skyworth TV brought a number of blockbuster products covering the two cutting-edge display technologies of OLED and MiniLED, demonstrating its leading position in the field of smart display. As the first company in China and the second company in the world with the ability to manufacture OLED modules, Skyworth TV's OLED product lineup has attracted widespread attention: Skyworth W92, as the world's second 8K OLED TV, is equipped with an 88-inch 8K 120Hz OLED. The panel has a built-in 8K version of Skyworth's self-developed AI image quality engine, which breaks through industry technology with innovation and elevates the audio and video experience of the TV industry to a new height; Metz transparent OLED TV uses an ultra-thin screen body only 20mm thick, which can be used in opaque, semi-transparent and semi-transparent OLED TVs. Switch between transparent and fully transparent states to achieve unique and stunning visual effects; the first 42-inch OLED TV developed and manufactured in Germany, the Metz 42” LUNIS OLED conquered the visiting experience with its first-class picture quality performance and outstanding acoustic technology According to reports, the product will be officially launched in Germany in the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition to OLED, Skyworth TV has also made great progress in MiniLED: Metz 75Q53M has 4032 lamp beads and 504 backlight partitions. Quantum dots, Skyworth AI image quality engine, Skyworth 30+ image quality adjustment and other technologies make it have 100% NTSC wide color gamut, 1000nit peak brightness, △E<2 high color accuracy, and support HDR 10+, Dolby Vision IQ , Dolby Atmos, DTS sound effects, etc., to bring users an excellent audio and video experience. In addition, the MiniLED Display Technology Industrial Park invested by Skyworth in Wuhan, China will be completed and put into production in 2023, and will have an annual output of 2.4 million Taiwan's terminal manufacturing production capacity ranks among the top three in the industry. Not only that, the first product of Skyworth's Mini LED R&D trial production line has been offline on August 22. After several rounds of testing and experiments, the technical indicators and reliability of the products have reached the industry level. Leading level. According to relevant sources, Skyworth's first MiniLED display may be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year. Ingenious design: In addition to good technology, good products also need good design to interpret the new home aesthetics. The art exhibited by Skyworth TV this time Once the TV COOLBOX was unveiled, it attracted a lot of attention and attention, and attracted the audience to stop and appreciate it. It is understood that COOLBOX won the 2022 IF Product Design Award for its innovative functions and unique industrial design. Aesthetic needs, Skyworth continues to explore in the field of industrial design, constantly breaks through the shackles, and reshapes space aesthetics. As early as 2008, Skyworth established "Skyworth Industrial Design Research Institute" and positioned it as a strategic unit for the development of Skyworth Group; 2013 , the institute has become the first batch of "national industrial design centers" and ranks among the "national team" of industrial design; in 2014, the "Innovative Design Center" under the Skyworth Industrial Design Institute became the seventh institution in the world of Red Dot Design Institutions... So far , Skyworth TV has won a total of 155 domestic and foreign heavyweight industrial design awards, such as the German Red Dot Award, the Red Dot Award, the German IF Award, the American IDEA, and the China Red Star Supreme Award. Over the years, Skyworth TV has always adhered to technological innovation and is committed to using Provide users with stunning products that are both technological and artistic. In addition to Art TV COOLBOX, Skyworth TV has recently launched Q53 series of wallpaper TVs, G53, A33 and other products that embody Skyworth's industrial design strength, which are widely praised by users. Among them, Skyworth Wallpaper TV Q53 Pro also subverts the traditional aesthetic cognition with the wallpaper form of "independent host + seamless wall" and gives more aesthetic meaning to large-screen products. As one of the earliest technology companies in China to go overseas, Skyworth TV has been very forward-looking in its global presence more than 20 years ago - from a single brand operation, to the three major brands of Skyworth, Metz and Coocaa. It is worth mentioning that, in order to provide better home entertainment services to global TV users, Coocaa Technology, a subsidiary of Skyworth, released Coolita OS, a smart TV system for overseas users, last year. After a year of development, Coolita OS has provided users in more than 80 countries and regions with light, smooth and convenient smart TV services, which are deeply loved by users. In recent years, Skyworth has been more active in expanding markets along the “Belt and Road” countries, and practiced the globalization road from “foreigners” to “locals”. In the future, Skyworth will continue to improve product hard power and brand soft power, continue to deepen the global market layout, and provide global users with better products and experiences.

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