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Fun and easy to use, the new version of mobile QQ can fish

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:11:30

Fun and easy to use, the new version of mobile QQ can fish

[PConline application] Mobile QQ has been updated again. This update brings video editing function and space cleaning function, and QQ nest has become more fun. You can fish and raise fish in the nest, and there are even more KFC store, come and have a look. Edit videos quickly without switching third parties Want to crop your videos? Want to add text to your video? In the new version of mobile QQ, video editing operations can be completed in mobile QQ without switching third-party software. Users can not only perform video editing operations when sending videos, but also quickly perform video editing operations on videos received in the chat dialog box. At present, the video editing operations supported by mobile QQ include video cropping, subtitle addition and mute. Figure 1 Video editing function Quickly see how much storage space your mobile phone QQ can release Mobile phone QQ occupies a lot of mobile phone storage space, how can you clean up junk files? The new version of mobile QQ has optimized the storage space management function, which can help users to clear up more storage space, and has classified chats and files, allowing users to classify and clean up chat records, chat files and files downloaded by Super QQ Show. Figure 2 Storage space management (I don't know if you don't know how to look at it and you will be shocked) Figure 3 Super QQ show takes up a lot of space. QQ nest is more fun. New things in the virtual community The added Sims-like social game "QQ Nest", I wonder if everyone has built their own nest? If you have time, come to my little nest to drop by. Related article recommendation: Because its mobile phone QQ volume is nearly 1G! Super QQ Show QQ Nest Full Experience Recently, QQ Nest has undergone major changes, not only moving each player's nest to an independent island, but also allowing players to have new activities on the island, that is, they can go fishing ! Move to the island to fish and fish in the QQ nest, and you will be surprised to find that you are on a beautiful island when you walk out of the house. Walking around the island, you can find a small pier and a fishing boat. Next to the fishing boat, there is a little bear "Duofu", you can find it to get a fishing rod and accept fishing tasks, and you can get rewards after completing the tasks. The fish you catch can be put in the fish tank of the small nest, of course, if you buy a fish tank, you can even buy a big fish tank to keep sharks! Picture 4 We are on a beautiful island Picture 5 Look for Bear Dofu and take a fishing rod | Picture 6 Start fishing Picture 7 Fishing is easy Picture 8 The fish you catch can be put into the fish tank at home Picture 9 You can also enter the "Wish Island" Paradise" chatting and fishing with a group of netizens (when there are more people, the editor's mobile phone will freeze) and watch the ad-free Tencent video QQ Xiaowo with virtual characters. You can also watch some video content in Tencent Video. Watching Tencent videos with virtual characters is ad-free. To watch Tencent Video in QQ Xiaowo, you must first buy a playback device that supports Tencent Video. It is a good idea to go to the "Video TV Showroom" to buy a projection screen. Figure 10 Buying a projection screen Bought a projection screen, then put it in your own nest, click the projection screen to see the Tencent Video option, click to view the video. Here you can watch videos without watching advertisements, but not all videos in Tencent Video are included. In addition, the video stops playing after leaving. It would be nice if the playback state could be maintained, so that visitors can also see the video on demand. Figure 11 Tencent Video Options Figure 12 Video on Demand Figure 13 Watching Movies in the Nest (It's even more perfect if you can watch it in full screen) Bring KFC home! Finally, there is also KFC in the QQ nest! Enter the "KFC Restaurant" where you can use "drumstick coins" to buy various KFC nest decorations, furniture and even equipment (all virtual items). If you have money and willfulness, you can move the entire KFC home! But the editor also I thought I could get a real KFC coupon here. Figure 14 KFC Restaurant Figure 15 Summary of Purchase of Virtual Items Mobile QQ has become more and more entertaining. A virtual community was born. Netizens have a new place to make new friends. They can also dress up their unique nests. They can also play interactive games and watch videos. It's very interesting. Would you go to see the nest? ?

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