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Telegram tests new feature: login on new device requires email verification

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:12:57

Telegram tests new feature: login on new device requires email verification

According to the latest official usage tips, Telegram's upcoming new features will provide users with better account protection. An upcoming feature will allow users to link their Telegram account to an email ID, which will be verified by email every time you log into a new device. While Telegram decided not to share any details officially, some were shared by app developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who managed to dig up a few photos about the still-in-development feature Screenshots. As you can see in the attached tweet, the new feature will give users the option to add an email ID to "protect your account". The feature will also provide a "Sign in with Google" option for users with Gmail accounts. Another screenshot shared by Paluzzi shows that the feature will appear in the Telegram app's privacy and security settings, click on it and it will bring up a popup that says: "Every time you log in on a new device your Telegram accounts need to be verified with this email". In addition to this, a Change Email button will appear, allowing users to connect their Telegram profiles to a different email address. Currently, Telegram does offer a two-step verification feature that allows users to protect their accounts. It allows you to protect your account with an additional password that you must use to access the app on new devices. However, since this feature uses a predefined static password, it is not as secure as the feature where you have to verify your login via email.

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