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Samsung mocks Apple's iPhone 14 for not having the ability to capture the moon

Posting time:2023-02-02 06:08:51

Samsung mocks Apple's iPhone 14 for not having the ability to capture the moon

Apple's new product launch conference has been set for September 8, when the iPhone 14 series will officially meet with you. Recently, Apple's main rival Samsung Electronics has launched an advertising offensive, suggesting that the iPhone 14 will not have any innovation or new features. Samsung has released a new ad for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and ZFlip 4, in which it says, "Get ready for Apple's new launch, and you're going into a world that's turning heads, just not looking your way. The highest resolution camera on a smartphone is going to be in someone's pocket. And that acclaimed epic moonshot feature isn't yours either. Because this innovation isn't coming to an iPhone near you anytime soon . It's already on Galaxy phones." Samsung's advertisement mocking Apple's old tradition, Samsung has mocked the iPhone X's bangs before, and the "bangs" family in the film is impressive. But Samsung and Apple are also in love with each other, and Samsung has often adopted many of the changes and features Apple has made that it once derided. The biggest innovation of the iPhone 14 Pro series is to replace the ancestral bangs screen with an exclamation mark screen. It is reported that this exclamation mark screen can be turned into a pill screen through software, just like Android phones hide bangs. In terms of imaging, although there is no moon shooting function, the ancestral 12-megapixel lens has been upgraded to 48-megapixel. Although it can’t compare with the Android camp’s 100-megapixel camera, relying on the latest A16 chip algorithm blessing, the image performance is worth looking forward to. In terms of charging, according to previous reports, it may be upgraded to 30w fast charging, but the charging head is still not provided, and you need to buy it yourself. The iPhone 14 standard version has a weak upgrade perception and still uses Liu Haiping. The chip is also the A15 on the 13 series. The biggest difference is the color change. This year's iPhone 14 standard version is not worth buying. In the era of 200w fast charging, 100 million pixels, and 120HZ high refresh rate, the Android camp is crazy, and Apple's innovation speed is always a beat slower. Do you prefer Android or Apple? Discussions are welcome.

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