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Throw away your privacy film now! It turns out that it hurts the eyes so much, a lesson from the blood of netizens

Posting time:2023-03-26 04:23:28

Throw away your privacy film now! It turns out that it hurts the eyes so much, a lesson from the blood of netizens

[gearbest News] The development of science and technology has truly enabled people to "know the world without going out", just a few taps of the phone at home. Mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in daily life, and people's necessities can be arranged through a mobile phone! Of course, this also makes us pay more attention to mobile phone security and privacy protection. A mobile phone without a password is equivalent to streaking without any sense of security. At the same time, in order to prevent others from inadvertently seeing the private content on our mobile phones, many people will put a layer of anti-peeping film on their mobile phones. However, the anti-peeping film is actually very harmful to the eyes! Anti-peeping film (Photo source Weibo) On September 2, some netizens submitted that they had used anti-peeping film for about 2 or 3 months, and felt that they were going blind. Everything looks a little dark, and the cornea is often red and bloodshot. The netizen said that he does not wear glasses and is not short-sighted, and his eyesight has been very good for so many years. But after using the anti-peeping film for a few months, I feel that my eyes are very easy to fatigue, and everything is a little dark. At first, I didn't find the problem with the phone film. Later, I felt that something was wrong. After tearing the film, I instantly felt that the whole world was clean. The blogger believes that the anti-peeping film will hurt the eyes, because 1. The anti-peeping film is generally very low in darkness, which means that the screen of the mobile phone needs to be adjusted very brightly, which indirectly increases the power consumption; 2. The anti-peeping film is at different angles. The display clarity is different, even the upper part is clear, and the lower part of the text is blurred, which means that we need to swipe the phone at a specific angle and constantly adjust the angle. But in real life, we often can't do this, so it will be more difficult for the eyes to focus, to see the text and pictures clearly, and it is easy to feel fatigued. Contributed by netizens (picture source Weibo) In fact, the blogger's words have some truth. The anti-peeping film adopts the ultra-fine shutter optical technology. Under the action of the ultra-fine louver optical technology, the light transmittance on the front of the screen is the highest and the visibility is the strongest. With the tilt of the angle, the transmittance will gradually decrease, and the screen will gradually become darker. Anti-peeping film (picture source Weibo) Therefore, anti-peeping film is harmful to eyes. On the one hand, the tiny blades in the privacy film block part of the light, which greatly reduces the original bright colors and visual effects. In this condition, the eyes are more prone to fatigue, and vision may suffer in the long run. On the other hand, there is currently no corresponding industry standard for privacy films. The quality of privacy films on the market varies. Some merchants are greedy for profit. It can also damage eyesight. Huawei Mate30 series anti-peeping nirvana In fact, many mobile phones now support AI anti-peeping or other anti-peeping technologies, such as Huawei's intelligent hidden function of application messages, when someone is next to you, the top notification does not display the message content, only when you are yourself , the message details are displayed, which can help you avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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