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The market is "falling and falling", but Huawei notebooks are growing against the trend, especially suitable for students

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The market is "falling and falling", but Huawei notebooks are growing against the trend, especially suitable for students

[gearbest News] Time is like a runaway horse and the dust between your fingers, you can't catch it, you can't keep it. Whether or not it is expected, the school season is really coming. The prospective high school seniors aside, I can only pray and cheer for you. For those prospective college students, this semester may be the most exciting one, because it means that they have already stepped into the society, and the wonderful and rich college life is just around the corner. However, compared with the previous ten years of study and life, the university is very different, and there are many things that need to be prepared. For example, in the third year of high school, many people may not even have access to mobile phones, but in college, smartphones, laptops and even tablets are all rigid needs. Because in the future study, life and work, these products can be used frequently and Huawei is a good choice in choosing a laptop. Huawei's laptop market share is similar to that of smartphones, and today's laptop market is also facing a lot of downward pressure, which is caused by various reasons. However, in this "endless" notebook computer market, Huawei can be regarded as a "dark horse". According to data from GFK Market Consulting, in the first quarter of 2022, the domestic notebook computer market fell by 7% month-on-month, but Huawei bucked the trend and rose by 47% month-on-month. At the same time, data from market research firm Canalys shows that in the second quarter of this year, the domestic personal computer market fell by 16% year-on-year. Among the top five manufacturers in the market, four manufacturers fell, only Huawei was the exception, and the growth rate reached 80%. Fourth in the country. These data are enough to show that Huawei notebooks have gradually been recognized by more consumers by virtue of their excellent quality and experience, so that they can achieve the opposite performance of the market as a whole. Huawei notebook computer Huawei notebook computer can achieve such excellent performance, the main reason, of course, is its own experience. Based on the well-received super terminal of Huawei's PC family, you can connect PCs with mobile phones, tablets, monitors, smart screens and other devices with one pull, and also support seamless collaboration with Huawei's headsets, printers, keyboards and mice and other devices. , the rapid mutual transfer of documents, etc., so that the efficiency of work and study soars; especially for students, the cross-device experience can bring great convenience and help in learning. For example, Huawei's PC works with mobile phones. Users can directly search for files stored in the mobile phone on the laptop, making the mobile phone a USB flash drive of the computer, which is very convenient when transferring files. When taking online classes, clear audio and visual effects are required. The smart conference function of Huawei notebooks can provide AI smart eyes, AI sound effects, and smart voice three features, which can bring immersion, safety, Efficient online communication experience. For those who need to stare at the computer all day, Huawei laptops have a large enough screen to protect their eyes, which is the key to protecting their eyesight. In addition, if the major needs to deal with a large amount of evaluation data and video post-production, Then the performance of the computer must be strong enough. Let’s first look at Huawei MateBook 16s, a 16-inch 2.5K professional touch screen with a large field of view. It can be said that it reconstructs the professional performance thin and light experience, bringing a breakthrough experience with professional large screen, surging performance and exquisite appearance at one time. It comes standard with the 12th generation Intel Core standard pressure processor, and it is the world's first 12th generation Core i9 Evo certified notebook! It can easily handle heavy-duty tasks, reduce the rendering time of the video, and the freezes and crashes that occur due to high load during the editing process. At the same time, it supports 60W TDP full blood release in high-energy mode, and even Photoshop, video editing, and heavy programming and development can run smoothly. For students majoring in accounting/numbers, an external keyboard is a very common phenomenon, so it is recommended to choose the MateBook D 16, which is also the most powerful one in the MateBook D series. It is also equipped with a numeric keypad for data input. More convenient. The 1.5mm high keystroke and the independent numeric keypad allow less space for hand movement and higher efficiency when inputting a large number of numbers. If you have certain portable needs for Huawei laptops, such as you need to take your laptop to the library for study and student council meetings, Huawei MateBook 14s is a more suitable choice for you, weighing only 1.32kg, and the new spruce green color scheme will be green. The vitality is vividly displayed, the saturation is mild and not obtrusive, the whole appearance looks neutral and restrained, with its own fresh temperament, which is in line with the aesthetic needs of college students. Of course, if you have higher requirements for the appearance of Huawei laptops, the Huawei MateBook X Pro 2022 Micro Velvet Collector's Edition is definitely your best choice. Not only the design of the whole machine is quite simple, but also the color matching is very unique; Jin and white color matching, just like As its name suggests, this color scheme is as dignified and elegant as Chinese white satin with a thousand-year history of craftsmanship, as bright and clean as light. The ink blue color scheme is just the opposite, its color is blue and black, and it is rich and close to ink. Now that it is the beginning of the school season, Huawei has specially prepared a lot of special offers, and now buying Huawei's laptops can save a lot of money. From September 1st to 12th, Huawei released a variety of smart office products to start a hot summer promotion: high-quality thin and light new MateBook X Pro, MateBook 14s with a maximum discount of 200 yuan for a limited time, Huawei Mall supports up to 12 installments interest-free; high performance The new large-screen MateBook D 16 SE version is 4999 yuan for the first time; the Hongmeng color printer HUAWEI PixLab V1 has a maximum discount of 100 yuan for a limited time, starting from 1399 yuan; in addition to the new products, the popular best-selling products have also prepared surprise discounts: 14-inch thin and light notebook MateBook 14 has a maximum discount of 200 yuan for a limited time; MateBook D14 has a maximum discount of 300 yuan for a limited time; the flagship all-in-one MateSation X has a maximum discount of 1,000 yuan for a limited time!

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