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From the actual point of view, how to choose the four mid-to-high-end mobile phones in the 3,000-5,000 yuan range?

Posting time:2023-02-02 07:52:55

From the actual point of view, how to choose the four mid-to-high-end mobile phones in the 3,000-5,000 yuan range?

Chatting with a friend recently, she said that there are too many types of mobile phones, dazzling, causing trouble in choosing. Specifically, the 3,000 yuan seems to be good, and the 6,000 yuan is not very clear, so it is in a relatively confused state. In fact, it's not just her, and the evaluation Jun can't logically say who is better. For example, a mobile phone of 5400 yuan and a mobile phone of 3700 yuan, can you really tell who is more worth buying? It may be difficult, or there is no answer at all. You can only start from your own needs and match the products provided by the manufacturer. This time, the reviewer summed up the four mobile phones that he has experienced a lot and experienced relatively new ones, and talked about the characteristics of mobile phones with a price of 3000-5400 yuan. Let's take a look at four products first, the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition (the high-end version is the champion version), the Honor 70 Pro, the Huawei P50 Pro, and the iPhone 13. The starting price of the four models starts from 2,999 yuan to 5,399 yuan for the iPhone 13, which should be representative. In terms of screens, the screens of the four mobile phones are all OLED, three are 120Hz high-brush, and two are curved screens. Overall, the experience is very good. The one who has a bad experience is the small screen of the iPhone 12 mini, or the model with a heavy phone because of the large screen. Although these four screens are large, the weight control is better. To be honest, at this stage, the film that has the greatest impact is actually the film. The Huawei P50 Pro has been used for a year, and the feel has dropped a little after replacing the film. This is a problem. In terms of refresh rate, 120Hz high refresh rate has an obvious advantage, and the fluency is higher, while the actual use meaning of high resolution screen is not as obvious as high refresh rate. These four models are not high resolution screen phones. The reviewers are also adjusted to the 1080P level, and these models are directly saved. In terms of the back, there is actually nothing to say, because the protective case will be used. The appearance of Honor is already comparable to that of Huawei, and the Redmi K50 Champion Edition will make people's eyes shine. After all, the Mercedes logo is still very eye-catching. The design of the DECO parts of each camera is very compact, and there is no huge layout. In terms of games, the four games are not weak, and there is no problem in playing “Yuan Shen”, “Call of Duty” and “Peace Elite”. Except for the iPhone 13, others are adapted to high frame rates, such as 90 frames for shooting games, 120 frames for the king, etc. The iPhone 13 has no way, the screen is a 60Hz refresh rate. After a period of experience, the reviewer gave these mobile phones a score, which can better explain the problem. Appearance and feel: Huawei 5, iPhone 5, Honor 5, Redmi 4 (Champion Edition 5); Fluency: All 5; Image: Huawei 5, Honor 4, iPhone 4, Redmi 3; Battery life: Redmi 5, Huawei 4, Honor 4, Apple 3; Games: Redmi 5, Huawei 4, Honor 4, Apple 4; Emotional feeling, Huawei 5, Honor 4, Apple 4, Redmi Champion Edition 4; Cost-effective, Redmi 5, Honor 4, Huawei 4, Apple 3. To explain here, in terms of appearance and feel, several models are well controlled, and the appearance of Redmi is slightly lower, but the champion version can pull back a round, and the aura is not inferior to the other models. In terms of fluency, Huawei's harmony experience is getting better and better, and Honor also has its own Turbo technology to improve the experience in all aspects. Redmi provides 120Hz high refresh rate in more scenarios, and starts global high refresh rate in high-performance mode, and has a long battery life. Not much lower. It can be seen that in terms of battery life, there are also good estimates in high-performance mode. As a user, it is impossible for us to use the mobile phone all the time, so it is also possible to use the mobile phone heavily in one day, and it is also possible to use the global high-brush on Redmi. And Honor suggested that this smart recommendation bar has a maximum of 8 icons, which app you want to use in many cases. In terms of games, except for Genshin Impact, other games have a good experience. Although the iPhone 13 does not have a high frame rate, game manufacturers will optimize it for Apple, and the experience is very smooth. But back to "Yuan Shen", only the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition can achieve a near-perfect experience, with a high frame rate and the least stuttering. Needless to say, the Huawei P50 Pro is much stronger than its rivals whether it is the main camera or the telephoto. The iPhone 13 performs very well in video recording, which is not as good as the Android phone. In terms of perceptual feeling, it refers to fluency, appearance, brand and other aspects. Compared with Redmi, it is slightly inferior, but the strength of the champion version is very strong. In terms of rational cost performance, the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition is naturally the strongest, with strong performance, good heat dissipation and complete configuration. In terms of charging, although Apple and Huawei do not have 100W fast charging, they both have wireless charging, which can definitely be used as a distinction between mid-range and high-end models. Wireless charging is still very convenient, making people basically reluctant to use wired charging. . Therefore, seeing such a complicated comparison, there is indeed no unified answer. You can only say that you like the products with advantages in terms of which models you choose. In fact, as long as it matches your budget, you are likely to choose the right one, and you can get a good experience.

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