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Lu Weibing broke the news that the Redmi G Pro Ruilong version of the game book will be on sale soon, will it be worth more than the 12th-generation Core Duo?

Posting time:2023-02-02 10:08:52

Lu Weibing broke the news that the Redmi G Pro Ruilong version of the game book will be on sale soon, will it be worth more than the 12th-generation Core Duo?

"Schools have started one after another in the past few days. Those who haven't bought a game book yet, you can wait." This is not what I said, but what Lu Weibing said. Then Lu Weibing posted a poster, the information on the pre-sale of the Redmi Redmi G Pro Ruilong Edition on September 7. Speaking of this, some friends may think that maybe a cost-effective game is coming, while other friends may have such questions, is the Ryzen game really better than the 12th-generation Core version? This answer is really not easy to answer, let's look at a few key factors. Let’s talk about the performance and configuration of the game book first. For gamers, the GPU is generally required to be stronger, and the CPU can be slightly weaker. From this point of view, it does not seem to matter whether it is AMD Ryzen or Intel Core. But if you have to compare, the latest Ryzen 6000 series is actually not much different from the previous Ryzen 5000 in terms of CPU performance, but the 12th-generation Core has a qualitative improvement compared to the previous generation, and you can easily grind it casually. Press, let alone crush Ruilong. So if the price is the same, why not choose the stronger one? The main upgrade of AMD's new Ruilong is its own core display part. The improvement is even doubled compared to the MX450, and even some 3A masterpieces can be played without a single display. This is indeed far from the 12th generation Core. After all, Intel's nuclear display is not so strong even if it has been upgraded. But for gaming laptops, a good standalone display will often become a standard or even a selling point, so what's the point of adding a powerful core display? From this point of view, AMD lacks an inherent advantage in the field of gaming. Through such an analysis, it is not difficult to find that the only place where AMD Ryzen gaming notebooks can reflect their advantages may be the price. At the same price, there is no reason for consumers to spend money on a product with a weaker CPU, but if there is an obvious price difference, it is another matter. Of course, if the Ryzen gaming notebook is improved in other parts, such as a higher specification screen or a more advanced graphics card at the same price as the 12th-generation Core, then it is acceptable. In short, the performance gap must be in price and configuration. manifested above. And specific to the Redmi G series of game books, we will find a phenomenon. Whether it's the previous 2021 model or the 2022 model on sale, the Core Edition's unique graphics specifications are not high. For example, the Redmi G 2022 model is only capped at the RTX3050Ti. The previous generation of Redmi G products is also a dual platform, but only the Ryzen version has the RTX3060 option. So the Redmi G Pro Ryzen Edition to be launched next, where exactly is the Pro? Speaking of which, there may already be an answer. In conclusion, there are two things that people look forward to most about the Redmi G Pro Ryzen Edition. First, see if there is an RTX3060 version, preferably full blood, if there is a high-end version such as RTX3070, it will be better, followed by See if there is a suitable price, for example, if it is cheaper than the Core version, it is also quite worth considering. Maybe we can listen to Lu Weibing's suggestion. If you are not in a hurry, wait for the pre-sale of this new game book, maybe there will be surprises.

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