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Cry, these three iPod models will be marked as "obsolete" products

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:47:02

Cry, these three iPod models will be marked as "obsolete" products

In May, Apple announced the discontinuation of the seventh-generation iPod touch. The end of a generation of magic machines. At that time, many fruit fans went to buy the remaining models as collections. And four months after the seventh-generation iPod touch was discontinued, more iPod touches will be dropped by Apple. Reports suggest that Apple will put several iPod models on its "obsolete" list later in September. In a memo to authorized service providers, Apple reportedly said the late-2012 iPod shuffle, as well as the seventh-generation iPod nano and fifth-generation iPod touch, will be marked "obsolete" on September 30. Worldwide hardware repair services for these models will also end. Over time, within a few years, the seventh-generation iPod touch will also face "obsolete." This legendary product line that once rescued Apple from the brink of bankruptcy and provided valuable experience for the birth of the iPhone and Apple Watch. It has now been integrated into other products and has become part of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac. but. With the complete disappearance of the product line, maybe three or five years later, when the post-20s grow up, no one will remember such a thing as the iPod. Alas... time is not forgiving. Pictures from the Internet

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