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Promise me, be nice to your eyes and stop IQ tax

Posting time:2023-02-02 06:06:20

Promise me, be nice to your eyes and stop IQ tax

Have you or someone close to you ever used a privacy film? In today's hot search on Weibo, the topic of privacy protection film hurting the eyes rushed to the top of the hot search list. The reason is that a netizen posted that he had been using the privacy film for about 2-3 months, and suddenly had eye problems. He saw dark shadows on everything, and his eyeballs were often bloodshot, and he felt "going blind". This situation was quickly discussed by everyone and fermented online. There is actually nothing to say about the privacy protection film for mobile phones. In essence, with the development of technology, more and more people pay attention to privacy protection. There are a pair of eyes watching your mobile phone screen, so the privacy protection film came into being. In fact, the principle of the anti-spy phone protective film is also very simple. The ultra-fine shutter optical technology is actually used, so that the content displayed on the screen is only displayed normally when viewed from the front, and it is pitch black when it is larger than a certain angle. This has a certain degree of protection for side peeking, and can effectively protect personal privacy, but the accompanying decrease in screen brightness, discounted display effects, and certain damage to the eyes. In fact, neither our group of people in the digital circle nor doctors recommend the use of privacy film, because the privacy film will block the passage of light, the screen display effect will be significantly reduced, and the clarity and brightness will be lowered, which makes people eye-catching. It is easier to get tired, and it will accumulate and become sick for a long time. After all, in order to improve the display quality of mobile phones, it can be said that the current mobile phone manufacturers have tried their best to improve the display quality of mobile phones, such as 1000nit brightness, 2K resolution, ultra-high viewing angle, DisplayMateA+, etc. , the domestic screen manufacturers represented by BOE have achieved remarkable development, and even launched a charge against giants such as Samsung. As a result, a privacy film of your flagship machine has become the screen level of a 100 yuan machine, which is not only sorry for your wallet, but also for your health. So, don't use this thing if you can. As for the fact that there are always people in life who want to peep at their privacy, here I can only advise everyone to stay away.

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