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Grandpa Tangshui, was forced to beg for mercy...

Posting time:2023-02-05 07:20:54

Grandpa Tangshui, was forced to beg for mercy...

During this time, "Grandpa Tangshui" has been affecting everyone's hearts. In this era of "ice cream assassins" rampant, his cup of 2 yuan sugar water, which has not increased in price for 17 years, is very precious. However, it was such a simple and kind old man who suffered a large-scale online exposure and had to "beg for mercy" from some people with ulterior motives. Now, he has escaped from Wuhan and returned to his hometown in Henan. "Grandpa Tangshui", whose real name is Xie Yongan, is from Xinyang, Henan. He has been in Wuhan for more than 30 years, and his two sons have settled down there. Before August this year, he set up a roadside stall near the Wuhan Science and Technology Museum every night to sell sugar water. This insistence is for 17 years. Three years ago, the price rose from one yuan to two yuan per cup. Although the price is not expensive, the ingredients are abundant, and he reminds the guests with a smile every time: unlimited refills are available. What's even more heart-warming is that children and the elderly are completely free. Citizens praised him one after another. After his deeds were exposed, he quickly appeared on the hot search and was affectionately called "Grandpa Tangshui" by netizens. Unexpectedly, after the explosion, his peaceful life was broken. Some netizens began to take out a magnifying glass and dig deep into their family's life, and doubts followed. Some people say that the elderly do not wear masks and gloves when selling sugar water, the ingredients are not clean, and the hygiene is not up to standard. For something so cheap, there must be something wrong with the quality. Others say that the old man and his wife scavenge waste during the day and sell sugar water at night because their descendants are not filial. In the eyes of these good people, it seems that any positive energy must be reversed in order to be more interesting. Xie Yongan didn't have a mobile phone at all. He shared an old phone with his wife. He didn't even know that he was on fire, and he didn't know that he was kind, but he was questioned by so many people. But his family's life has been affected. Some people don't know where to find the mobile phone numbers of his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, and they keep harassing them. The granddaughter cried and persuaded him not to set up a stall. Out of desperation, "Grandpa Tangshui" could only disappear on the streets of Wuhan... Afterwards, some media went to interview "Grandpa Tangshui", and when he mentioned this sudden online exposure, he couldn't help bursting into tears. He said: 90,000 people questioned that what they were doing was not clean, and it felt like a knife had been stabbed in their hearts. The old man really can't understand, how can he be questioned when he washes clean from the inside to the outside every day when he does business? The room where the sugar water was made was kept clean, every utensil was polished and everything was neatly arranged. Moreover, their family also gets along very harmoniously, and there is no unfilial child. Although the peaceful life was broken and the business could not be completed, "Grandpa Tangshui" still had red eyes and smiled to the camera to express his blessings to everyone. Now, "Grandpa Tangshui" has moved and left a note: I no longer accept any interviews, I want to live quietly, thank you for your concern. What did "Grandpa Tangshui" do wrong? He just followed his heart and did a heart-warming good deed, but unexpectedly encountered unprovoked cyber violence. Those who hide behind the keyboard, have you ever known that every word they type is like a knife, stabbing the person exposed on the Internet... A lady in Shanghai is unbearable for rewarding a takeaway brother 200 yuan Internet violence jumped to his death. During the epidemic, she was unable to deliver meals to her father because she was quarantined at home, so she turned to Dingdong's little brother who bought vegetables for help. The circle of friends posted by this lady was filled with words of thanks, which was originally a very warm thing. However, some netizens accused her of giving too little 200 yuan, and some even rose to the region, saying that she bullied foreigners. At the beginning, she also kept explaining and explaining her actual situation, hoping that someone could clarify it for her. But no matter what she says, the keyboard warrior is ready to slap her with a hundred sentences: I use an iPhone and say the conditions are not good? Even if the delivery boy himself stood up and called on everyone to stop the online exposure, it would not help, and even the lady's personal information was picked up. In the end, after being tortured for many days, she couldn't bear the humiliation, cleared her Weibo, and chose to stop the online violence by jumping off the building. Faced with such a painful lesson, will the cyber rioters stop? Of course not, after scolding this one, they will look for the next target. Sometimes it is difficult for ordinary people to understand their logic. For example: on a hot day, the masters who lift the poles in the scenic spot are sweating, how can the people sitting on them laugh? Does conscience not hurt? Although I know that this is a business that you love and I want, there are always some people who like to constantly criticize tourists from the highest moral point of view, so many people are afraid to sit. Is it necessary for the masters to have no work to do, are these talents satisfied? In fact, many of the creators of the Internet exposure did not think through their brains when they expressed their views, but just followed what others said. Although some people may start with justice, it is only what they think is justice. Indiscriminate attacks, the great harm caused to others is irreparable. The reason why there is so much hostility on the Internet is that many people think that the Internet is virtual, that if you say something you can delete it, and even cancel your account to buy or sell. If you don't like it, you can vent it on others at will. As everyone knows, their casual words, "passionate forwarding" like watching the excitement, may become the last straw that breaks the camel's back. Fortunately, the story of Grandpa Tangshui finally developed in a good direction. After returning to his hometown in Henan, the villagers and village cadres helped connect water and electricity and repair the old house. Next, he wanted to help the villagers sell agricultural products. 200 yuan of milk tea is lined up to grab, 2 yuan of sugar water is too dirty, what's wrong with this world? Humei hopes that all internet celebrities can be conscious and stop going to their hometown and disturb their lives. Internet trolls, take a break, the Internet is not an illegal place, and every word and deed are responsible! Reference material: Cover News Hope Watch Observer Network Elephant News Editor: Cha Cha

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