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Three cost-effective VIVO mobile phones, the current price is halved, it is very suitable to start

Posting time:2023-03-31 06:49:24

Three cost-effective VIVO mobile phones, the current price is halved, it is very suitable to start

Who said that VIVO can't have a good mobile phone except Aiku? Then you must not know these three mobile phones. First of all, iqoo is said to be a sub-brand of VIVO. It focuses on online and price advantages. Although iqoo is higher than VIVO in terms of cost performance, but the same positioning, VIVO The overall configuration of the flagship is better than love. VIVO has a total of six product lines, NEX, X, S, Z, Y and U. Among them, the NEX series is the flagship model of VIVO. The only bright spot is the NEX dual-screen version, but the configuration is indeed a bit faulty. The X series is also VIVO's main mid-to-high-end mobile phone. Its advantages are similar to the relationship between Huawei's P series and mate series. The same S series is positioned much like Huawei's nova series, focusing on the mid-end beauty market. The Z series is the performance pioneer. VIVO is used to compete with other mobile phones in terms of cost performance. The Y and U series are the low-end production lines of VIVO. I spent a week focusing on the representative models of several series and selected these three models for you.

VIVOT1 series

The first model is the VIVO T1 series, which was newly released at the end of last year. It focuses on online cost-effectiveness and is very iqoo The taste, 6.67 inches, 120 high-brush LCD screen, high touch sampling rate. The processor is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G. Compared with the Snapdragon 768G, the performance is improved by 40%. The measured King Glory and Peace Elite can run stably at full frame. Such a game machine with a full score of 1000 can handle it.


vivo S10 PRO

The second model, the vivo S10 PRO, looks very light at first, the 6.44-inch screen is as heavy as the iPhone 13. And it is worth mentioning that its camera function, 44 million front main camera, 108 million rear main camera, this pixel is already a rare rival in mobile phones of the same price, the photos with the general texture of the camera are actually taken by mobile phones Yes, can you believe it?

VIVO X70 Pro

The third unit, VIVO X70 Pro, is equipped with Samsung 1080 processor equivalent to the performance of Snapdragon 865, 6.59-inch curved screen 120 Hz High brush, coupled with VIVO's self-developed V1 image chip, a proper flagship machine, the price is a little bit expensive, second-hand is about 1900, but after all, it is the flagship model, less than 2000 is acceptable.

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