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The three top flagship mobile phones with "big diving" prices in the second half of 2022 have strong performance

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:32:18

The three top flagship mobile phones with "big diving" prices in the second half of 2022 have strong performance

realme GT 2 pro

The screen of realme GT 2 pro is very good, 2K resolution 120Hz high brush, Samsung E4 luminous material The 1000Hz gaming instant touch screen, the display effect and game operation feedback are very eye-catching. In terms of processor, realme GT 2 pro is equipped with Qualcomm's flagship chip Snapdragon 8Gen1, which is almost the same as the previous generation Snapdragon 888 in performance, but it is indeed much lower in terms of heat. The price has dropped a lot.

Xiaomi 11ultra

The top flagship of the Xiaomi digital series, Xiaomi 11ultra, with its unique design, excellent back lens module and The powerful processor performance will attract the attention of the majority of consumers when it is released. However, the processor of this mobile phone is the notorious "Fire Dragon" 888, coupled with Xiaomi's consistent "born for fever" concept of machine building, the heat dissipation is really not flattering. However, it is very eye-catching in terms of photography. The 5000W pixel GN2 main camera and 48 million ultra-wide-angle lens also support 120x zoom. This shooting configuration has so far failed to reach many flagship phones, which can be said to be very sincere. The initial starting price also reached the relatively high-end price of 6,000. With the advent of the Xiaomi Mi 12ultra, the price of the Xiaomi Mi 11ultra has now reached the price of a mid-range machine.

Samsung S21ultra

Samsung S21ultra, as a super-top flagship model, is very suitable for business people, with a mature and stable atmosphere The field does not lose to Huawei and Apple. And as Samsung's own product, it can be said that the screen quality can be said to be hanging a lot of manufacturers, and the camera is a mobile phone main camera with 100 million pixels. Only these two aspects have been lonely so far. However, according to the Samsung family's consistent tradition, the starting price of the flagship series is naturally high, even reaching the level of 10,000 yuan. However, the price reduction of diving is also very large. Now It is estimated that it is only a little more than a third

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