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How to choose the iPhone 11 from three years ago and the new mid-range Android phone?

Posting time:2023-02-02 02:24:52

How to choose the iPhone 11 from three years ago and the new mid-range Android phone?

I don’t know if you have noticed that many people around me would rather use a second-hand Apple than the latest Android phone. Obviously Android is already very strong now, is it really for the so-called face or vanity? Then let's take the IPHONE11 three years ago and the recently highly praised Android phone Redmi K50 for a big PK, and compare them in terms of performance, game battery life, and photography. The result was really unexpected. 1. The first is the game opening speed. As an old model three years ago, IPHONE11 is obviously a little slower. 2. The second test is to take pictures. The iPhone 11 has a significantly higher degree of restoration of color and details, while the K50 comes with a bit of microdermabrasion, and the overall texture is slightly inferior to that of the iPhone. 3. The third point is about fever. After one hour of gaming, the maximum temperature of the Redmi K50 is 38.1 degrees, while the maximum temperature of the iPhone 11 is 45 degrees, and the Redmi K50 wins. 4. The fourth battery life, the same one-hour game, Redmi K50PRO power down by 10%, IPHONE11 power down by 22%. 5. In terms of sound quality, the sound of IPHONE11 will obviously be more transparent. 6. The smoothness of the sixth screen, the refresh of the two screens is almost the same, which is a tie. 7. Operating system, as for Xiaomi's Android system or ios system, it depends on what you like. Personally, I prefer ios. The last thing to say is that the starting price of the two is not much different at present, and even the lower iPhone is more advantageous. On the whole, the IPHONE11 three years ago compared with the Redmi K50, the user experience is almost a tie, not only is not far behind, but even better in some aspects. One thing to say, if I happen to have a small budget, or if I am a girl who likes to take pictures, I may also choose an iPhone. If it were you, how would you choose?

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