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"Folding" a new horizon, the Galaxy Z Fold4, which is about to land in China, is a bit big in design

Posting time:2023-03-26 09:49:49

"Folding" a new horizon, the Galaxy Z Fold4, which is about to land in China, is a bit big in design

#galaxyzfold4# Recently, IDC's latest survey report shows that in the first half of 2022, against the backdrop of the overall sluggish smartphone market in China, the folding screen segment shipped over 1.1 million units, achieving a 70% growth rate against the trend. More and more people are buying folding mobile phones, what are they buying? In this regard, the explanation given by IDC is that the folding screen mobile phone provides consumers with a differentiated experience because of the new form, and the folding screen is changing from early adopters to common use. How addicting is this so-called differentiated experience? In fact, the advantages of the folding screen are visible to the naked eye. It has various forms of folding, unfolding, semi-folding and semi-expanding. The light appearance makes people feel unique, which may be the primary reason for everyone to bet. From a practical point of view, the operation and display area will be improved after unfolding, and the mobile phone will be more efficient to use, and it will not take up too much space when folded. This may also partly explain the historical phenomenon that foldable feature phones were once popular and many popular models were born before smartphones became popular. Today's folding screen mobile phone market, after 4 years of commercial development and polishing, has achieved new advancements in terms of durability, software and hardware cooperation, and therefore the market acceptance is increasing year by year, it seems to have become a continuation of the classic folding mobile phones of the year. .....And when it comes to its contribution to folding screen phones, Samsung does its part. In 2019, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold, which created the product form of "internal and external dual screens, horizontal folding" and became one of the mainstream forms of folding screen mobile phones. This year, the Galaxy Z Fold series Galaxy Z Fold has come to its fourth generation. On August 10, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 was released overseas, and on August 22, a conference will be held in China. Judging from the known news, the fourth-generation Samsung folding screen Galaxy Z Fold4 can be regarded as a master of technology and innovation! Immersive large screen, lightweight feel The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has once again achieved the ultimate goal. If you want to ask the reason for persuading you to buy a folding screen, the overweight body, non-waterproof, and intolerant screen must be the most simple concerns of the public. But that's not a big deal at Samsung. The lightweight body of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 263g is almost the same as the weight of many non-folding flagship phones, and the body is also very durable. Unfolding the fuselage, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has a 7.6-inch main screen, which is almost the size of a tablet and has a larger visual screen. Compared with the previous generation, the screen size and body width have not changed, but the width of the external screen has increased by 2.7mm, the border of the external screen has been further narrowed, and the screen has a larger screen ratio. The aspect ratio of the screen is also more scientific, and the main screen resolution Up to 2176 x 1812, supports 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate, the color display is colorful, vivid and true, the camera area under the UDC screen of the main screen adopts a new scattering type sub-pixel arrangement, the concealment is also better, and the viewing experience is more immersive and comfortable . At the same time, the new energy-saving technology is superimposed to improve the battery life of the mobile phone, which not only looks good but also lasts for a long time. Are folding phones waterproof? This problem is also one of the concerns of ordinary users. But this point is not mentioned by many friends and business conferences. Of course, there are objective reasons for this. You must know that it is difficult to be waterproof due to the congenital factors of the folding screen, but Samsung has achieved IPX8 waterproofing from the Galaxy Z Fold3 generation. The Galaxy Z Fold4 this time also supports IPX8 waterproof. Samsung's insistence is still very rare. While giving the folding screen new advantages, it does not lose the advantages of the candy bar phone. Whether the screen is resistant to folding must be the first question that pops up before everyone chooses to fold the phone. Samsung also gave its own answer. The Galaxy Z Fold4 body frame and hinge are made of armored aluminum material, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ glass is used for the outer screen and back cover, making the new generation of Samsung folding phones the strongest ever Samsung folding phone. The official said that it can support more than 200,000 folds to meet the long-term needs of users. This attitude of thinking about mobile phone design from the perspective of users is really commendable. Of course, as a supplier of the whole industry chain, the screen itself is one of Samsung's core advantages. This time, it is reasonable to release Samsung's latest and best screen technology on the Galaxy Z Fold4. Making mobile phones truly become a productivity tool is actually a folding mobile phone. Folding is not the purpose, not folding for the sake of folding. The advantages of traditional mobile phones, such as image experience, should be preserved, and the benefits of foldable form should also be reflected. Of course, in order to achieve such an experience, manufacturers need to have stronger technical capabilities for overall control. Not every mobile phone that looks foldable can fully release the capabilities of different forms. As Samsung's most versatile smartphone to date, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has PC-like production capabilities. It is powered by the Android 12L operating system, which is a special version of the Android system developed by Google for large-screen devices including folding screen products. Based on this, the most intuitive and special feature is that it has a taskbar arrangement that is different from other folding phones. Most folding phones are side-sliding program docks. The Galaxy Z Fold4 uses a taskbar with a similar layout to that of a PC. , users can quickly access frequently used and recently used applications by simply clicking the icons on the taskbar, and switch between different applications in seconds; the upgraded multitasking function is better, relying on the new gesture quick split screen function, Multitasking can be turned on more intuitively, the APP can switch from full-screen mode to pop-up view, and the screen can be divided into two by gestures to perform multitasking, which is efficient and convenient. The multi-angle spin-stop function of Samsung's folding mobile phones has allowed the Galaxy Z Fold4 to be infinitely close to the experience of a laptop in a semi-folded state, which not only brings a lot of convenience when taking photos, watching movies, and task processing. It also has a "vertical interactive touchpad". In the vertical interactive mode, users can complete video operations such as play, pause, playback, and zoom content without interrupting the content being displayed when manipulating the phone. Common operations. The bottom screen can also be used as a keyboard or with the SPen as a writing pad for quick recording and output. As mentioned earlier, folding is not the purpose, and the experience improvement brought by folding is the key point. Taking the imaging system that users care about, the Galaxy Z Fold4 has flagship-level imaging performance and can also achieve more through the foldable form. A new way to take pictures. On paper parameters, the wide-angle main camera lens of the Galaxy Z Fold4 has been increased to 50 million pixels, supplemented by a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 10-megapixel telephoto camera that supports 3x optical zoom and up to 30x spatial zoom, forming a rear three-position camera. The sensor brightness of the main camera is increased by 23%, which significantly improves the performance in low-light environments. At the same time, in terms of software collaboration, the Galaxy Z Fold4 has a larger zoom guide, external screen preview, rear selfie and other rich camera modes that are enabled in preview mode, allowing more scene image creation in the folded form. For example, when traveling alone or taking a group photo, even if there is no bracket, you can take a good photo without always having one photographer for the photo. Fold the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 to a specific angle, and you can get unmanned and hands-free photos. The folding screen mobile phone market can expect a number of analysts to predict that the shipments of folding screen mobile phones will also increase significantly. Sigmaintell believes that in 2022, the shipment of folding screen mobile phones will reach 14 million units, CINNO Research estimates that it will reach 15.69 million units, and Counterpoint Research even thinks it will reach 18.3 million units. Some research institutions predict that the global shipments of folding screen mobile phones will reach 75 million in 2025. This shows that folding phones are still a thriving market segment. Since the launch of the first truly commercial folding phone in 2019, there have been nearly 30 mainstream brands of folding phones on the market. Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Honor, and vivo have all launched their own folding screens. According to statistics, in the folding screen mobile phone market in 2021, Samsung will lead with 87.8% of mobile phone shipments, second place Huawei will have a share of 9.3%, and the third to fifth places will only account for a smaller share of shipments. The Matthew effect of folding screen mobile phones is gradually taking shape, and the advantages of giants continue to expand. As the most unique player in the mobile phone industry, Samsung has a natural advantage in the beginning of the folding screen, and has accumulated nearly ten years of technology. At the same time, it has carried out systematic software polishing and design for the folding form, so that the ability of folding mobile phones will continue to grow. Evolution, with more powerful performance, more freedom to play the advantages of folding mobile phones, and without losing the portability, light weight, durability, waterproof and other characteristics of straight-screen mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is about to land in the Chinese market, which will inevitably lead to A new wave of folding mobile phones is leading the way.

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