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256GB starts, the price increases to 8999 yuan, will you buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:59:12

256GB starts, the price increases to 8999 yuan, will you buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

#iPhone14Pro##iPhone14Pro or 256GB start #August is halfway through, is September still far away? Is Apple's annual "Technology Spring Festival Gala" still far away? Now that the iPhone 14 series has become a "Nikkei" topic, it can be seen that everyone's expectations are high. According to rumors, Apple’s fall conference this year will be held on September 12. The specific launch date of the new machine is September 23. Foxconn has won 60% to 70% of the new machine orders, and it has now entered the production stage. There have been rumors that the mobile phone supply chain market is unstable this year, and the supply of the iPhone 14 will be affected. Recently, Bloomberg also released Apple’s stocking situation. It is reported that Apple has asked suppliers to prepare at least 90 million iPhone 14 units, the same as last year; and the total annual output is expected to reach 220 million units throughout 2022. Some bloggers said that Apple remains optimistic about the first batch of sales, and the continued growth of iPhone sales is Apple's main source of confidence. For the upgrade and configuration of the iPhone 14 series, it has basically been exposed in the past six months. The series includes the basic version of the iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch notch screen, the iPhone 14 Plus with a 6.7-inch notch screen, the iPhone 14 Pro with a 6.1-inch exclamation point punching screen, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch exclamation mark punching hole, a total of four models. In general, the Pro series and the standard version are expected to be different in processor, screen material, rear lens, front design, and running memory. In terms of processors, the iPhone 14 and Plus versions are powered by A15 chips, while the iPhone 14 Pro series are powered by A16 chips, with a 42% increase in CPU and a 35% increase in GPU; on the screen, the iPhone 14 Pro uses an Always-On display. Supporting a 120Hz refresh rate, the iPhone 14 uses the same screen as the previous generation, and it also has a 60Hz refresh rate. In terms of running memory, the iPhone 14 standard version is 6GB LPDDR4X, and the Pro version is 6GB LPDDR5; the standard version main camera is 12 million pixels, and the Pro version is 48 million pixels. At the same time, the Pro version also supports 8K video recording, front camera autofocus, faster RAM, always-on display, 30W fast charging and other highlights. Looking closely at these four new products, you can find that the differences in configuration are still in line with Cook's style, which can be called "accurate knife skills". Many netizens believe that the gap between the standard version and the high-end version is getting bigger and bigger. Instead of waiting for the iPhone 14, it is better to buy the iPhone 13 Pro after the price reduction. I believe everyone is most concerned about the price of the iPhone 14. Recently, Ming-Chi Kuo released relevant news, saying that the starting price of the basic version of the iPhone 14 will be the same as the previous generation, but the price of the high-end version of the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to increase by 15%, which means that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro may start at 8999 yuan, ihone The 14 Pro Max is expected to start at 9,999 yuan, and the two versions are 1,000 yuan more expensive than the previous generation. In order to avoid the negative impact of the price increase, Apple has also cleverly adjusted the starting capacity of the high-end version. The iPhone 13 Pro started at 128GB before, and the iPhone 14 Pro changed to 256GB. The key is that its price is comparable to that of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone. The 256GB version of the 13 Pro Max is the same, with a less dramatic price increase. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the reason why Apple will increase the price is that the cost of mobile phones has risen due to inflation, and the proportion of shipments is higher, so it has to increase the price of new products. Although it is said that this time may end Apple's "increase volume and price reduction" operation, but if you take into account the increase from 128GB to 256GB, the price increase does not seem to be so obvious. While shipments across the entire mobile phone market are slowing, Apple has bucked the trend. Before 2021, Apple will manufacture about 75 million new products in the first batch, and it will grow to 90 million in 2021. The hot sales of iPhone 13 also allow Apple to maintain this goal. According to professional analysis, most Apple customers are willing to pay higher prices to buy smartphones, which is also an important reason why Apple can grow against the trend. So, will you consider starting the iPhone 14 series this year?

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