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Four cost-effective new machines exposed! iQOO decentralizes 80W fast charging, and honors Qualcomm chips

Posting time:2023-02-02 05:08:53

Four cost-effective new machines exposed! iQOO decentralizes 80W fast charging, and honors Qualcomm chips

#新机来# In July, vivo sub-brand iQOO released the new iQOO 10 flagship series, and the first 200W fast charging technology surprised many people. Now that the flagship phone is out, the mid-range phone and the thousand-yuan phone should be on the way! Recently, some bloggers broke the news that iQOO will bring two cost-effective products in the next few months, iQOO Z6 will be launched in August, and iQOO Neo7 will be launched in October. At the same time, after the launch of the X40i, Honor will also launch the X40 series next month. The blogger @Factory Director Shiguan revealed that the new machine is mainly cost-effective. So, where are their cost-effectiveness reflected? Let's take a look at the current revelations first! iQOO Z6, iQOO Z6x Last year, iQOO launched Z5 and Z5x, which performed particularly well in Double Eleven with their excellent price/performance ratio. Now it is time for the Z series to be updated. Someone has found the unannounced iQOO Z6x in the list of supported devices on Google Play. At the same time, this new phone has also passed the national 3C quality certification, model V2164KA, and supports 44W fast charging. The main target is the thousand-yuan market. It is rumored that the battery will be increased to 6000mAh, which is more suitable for use as a backup machine. Of course, it is also suitable for drama fans. Another iQOO Z6 has passed the 3C certification last month, the model is V2220A. The overall configuration is higher than that of the Z6x. According to the digital chat station, the Z6 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 778G chip, and a high-brush single-hole eye protection LCD screen will be used on the front, which is still digging a hole in the center. Other configurations include a 120Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution, 5000mAh battery, 80W fast charge, and a rear 64-megapixel triple camera. In terms of price, referring to the iQOO Z5x launched in October last year, the price of the iQOO Z6x may start from 1299 yuan, and the price of the iQOO Z6 may start from 1799 yuan, which will be officially announced this month. Friends who want to start a cost-effective mobile phone May wish to continue to pay attention. iQOO Neo7 can be seen from the vivo product line released by the digital chat station. After the Z6 series is released, vivo X Fold S will be launched in September, and iQOO Neo7 will be launched in October. This product should be iQOO's Double Eleven. main engine. It is reported that the main camera of iQOO Neo7 will be upgraded to a 50-megapixel IMX766V sensor, which supports OIS optical image stabilization. . In terms of performance configuration, iQOO Neo 7 will be equipped with Dimensity 9000+ chip, equipped with LPDDR5 memory + overclocked UFS 3.1 flash memory, 120Hz Samsung E5 material OLED straight screen on the front, 1080p resolution, built-in 4700mAh battery, support 120W fast charge, with Independent display chip, dual speakers, the main focus is the gaming experience, the starting price may be around 2799 yuan. Honor X40 series The Honor X series has always been very popular. The previous generation X30 has been on the market for 9 months, and the X40 seems to be on its way. The chip of the new phone is not equipped with Dimensity, but Snapdragon (perhaps Snapdragon 8+), and an OLED screen that supports high-frequency PWM will be used instead. In addition to the standard version, the Honor X40 series also has a large-screen version. The model may be Honor X40 Max. The new phone has passed the national 3C certification. It uses a 7-inch LCD screen, supports a 120Hz refresh rate, a right-angle middle frame design, and is equipped with Dimensity 810. Processor, built-in 5500mAh battery, support 40W wired fast charge, rear dual camera. It is aimed at the mid-end market, and the price may not be less than 2,000 yuan. In general, the cost-effective mobile phone market in the second half of the year will still be very hot. In addition to iQOO and Honor, which have already disclosed the news, such as realme, I should also make some moves, and the Redmi Note series may also be updated. Until then, let's wait and see the big news.

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