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In August, new phones will be released together, cost-effective + ultra-high-end will gather together. Who are you more optimistic about?

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In August, new phones will be released together, cost-effective + ultra-high-end will gather together. Who are you more optimistic about?

#新机# For the entire mobile phone industry, there are so-called peak seasons and low seasons every year. One is the traditional Spring Festival stall, which is easy to understand, because many consumers will have a new mobile phone at the end of the year to go home for the Chinese New Year. One is our current summer season, and many mobile phone manufacturers will choose to get together and release a lot of new products. On the one hand, as the school season is approaching, many freshmen will buy new phones, and they will use them for at least one year, or even two or three years, or even spend their entire college years. On the other hand, every September is the day when Apple's new iPhone is released. Most mobile phone manufacturers choose to avoid this special time, so now the whole month of August has come to an end, and each of them has released a lot of blockbuster products. Many of them are quite representative products. Xiaomi MIX Fold2 A year and a half ago, Xiaomi officially released the MIX Fold generation. This product, which Xiaomi had high hopes for, was a bad start. The outdated hinge technology and the external screen design that was criticized as a "remote control" were all unfavorable. been criticized. Fortunately, Xiaomi has completely improved the MIX Fold2 and added new ways to play. The external screen ratio has returned to the mainstream 21:9, and it is no longer a slender "remote control". In order to improve the crease problem, the MIX Fold2 adopts a micro-droplet structure with a radius of only 2.1mm and a thickness of only 3.0mm of the hinge. Not only the crease is not obvious, but the weight is also reduced a lot. In terms of weight, Xiaomi MIX Fold2 has made great innovations. The unfolded thickness is only 5.4mm, which is approximately equal to the thickness of a USB-C interface. The weight has also reached 262g, reaching the weight of a mainstream flagship machine. It is possible to use Fold2 as the main machine. K50 Extreme Edition In the first half of the year, the entire Redmi K50 universe can be said to be crazy. The super high cost performance and the powerful performance of the Dimensity chip make the Redmi K50 a phenomenal product. In the second half of the year, Qualcomm finally brought the Snapdragon 8+ chip with TSMC's 4nm process. This time the power consumption control is a huge improvement, so Redmi also quickly followed up and brought the ultimate masterpiece of the K50 universe - K50 Extreme Edition. In addition to the Snapdragon 8+, the biggest highlight of the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition is the customized 1.5K straight screen on the front. Although it caused some controversy when it was just launched, 446ppi don’t have to worry about the lack of detail on this screen. It can also effectively reduce the power consumption brought by the screen, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. It is rare that the under-screen fingerprint recognition, which has been lost on the Redmi K series for a long time, has finally returned on the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition. Other aspects such as 5000mAh large battery + 120W super flash charge, 100 million pixel triple camera, etc. have been retained, the most important thing is the starting price of 2999 yuan, making it the cheapest Snapdragon 8+ flagship at present one. Motorola X30 Pro In recent years, Moto can be said to have started its own road of revival, launching a number of products that can be called explosive models, both in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. After "rolling" the cost-effectiveness and performance, Moto turned its attention to the image, so it launched the X30 Pro some time ago. The biggest highlight of the Moto X30 Pro is its main camera lens. For a long time, it has become the focus of many people's debates on whether to want pixels or a big bottom. The Moto X30 Pro told us, "Children only make choices, adults all want". The main camera is the Samsung HP1 sensor, which is the first in the industry. This sensor has an astonishing 200 million pixels. It also supports ChameleonCell technology, which can achieve a large pixel output equivalent to 1.28 microns, and can obtain very good daytime and nighttime resolution. . On the other hand, the Samsung HP1 is still a 1/1.22-inch outsole sensor, surpassing the Sony IMX707 and becoming the top three in the industry. As for the advantages of the outsole sensor, we won't go into details here, as long as you know that "the bottom is bigger, it will kill you" The reason is fine. OnePlus Ace Pro is different from the high-end line of OnePlus in the past. This year, OnePlus launched the Ace series, which focuses on game performance and cost performance. In the first half of the year, the Ace and Ace racing versions have achieved good sales and reputation. Obviously, OnePlus wants to strengthen the market positioning of the Ace series, so it is the first to use the Snapdragon 8+ chip in the Ace series instead of the traditional digital series, which is the OnePlus Ace Pro. As we mentioned above, the main focus of the Ace series is the gaming experience, and it is also willing to stack materials in terms of heat dissipation. The VC heat dissipation area reaches 5,177 square millimeters, and the total heat dissipation area reaches about 37,000 square millimeters, which is enough to catch up with traditional gaming mobile phones. , the strong heat dissipation performance is exchanged for the performance release and the stability of the game frame number. 4800 mAh + 150W super flash charge is also more suitable for gamers. One minute of charging can support a black game. It is worth noting that the OnePlus Ace Pro is launched this time in the 12GB+256GB version, which can be said to be the standard configuration, which is the level of the top configuration of other homes, which is enough for the vast majority of users. In general, in today's increasingly convoluted domestic mobile phone market, the ideas of each product launch are very clear, either the ultimate cost-effective, or it has its own unique features. And in the face of increasingly discerning users, mobile phone manufacturers have also launched different mobile phone products to meet the needs of users. I have to say that our domestic consumers are too happy, there are so many high-quality and cheap mobile phone choices.

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