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XMAGE image blessing, Huawei Mate50 series is coming, 5G network is completed this time

Posting time:2023-03-26 09:17:34

XMAGE image blessing, Huawei Mate50 series is coming, 5G network is completed this time

#HUAWEIMate50# To say that the product with the most attention in the entire mobile phone industry, it must be the Apple iPhone series, especially in September every year, most mobile phone manufacturers will choose to avoid the release period of the new iPhone. Especially this year's new iPhone 14 has more attention than the previous generation iPhone 13, and domestic mobile phone manufacturers have to avoid its edge, but in addition to a mobile phone manufacturer's product, that is Huawei Mate50. In terms of attention, the only one that can rival the new iPhone is the Huawei Mate50. After all, due to some well-known reasons, the Huawei Mate50 was delayed for nearly two years from the previous generation of the Mate40 series, which made many consumers look forward to it. Also full. Therefore, any "every move" of the Huawei Mate50 series has also received a lot of attention. "Late" two years, Huawei Mate50 finally arrived As early as August 20, well-known blogger @Factory Director Shiguan once broke the news that the Huawei Mate50 series conference will be released on September 6, and the conference is still A press conference in the form of offline plus live broadcast. Huawei will also warm up the product every day, and it will continue until the day of the conference. Every warm-up will be full of suspense. The blogger also bluntly stated that Huawei will make Apple feel pressure. Just as everyone was speculating on whether this revelation was accurate, Huawei officially announced the Huawei Mate50 series products on August 22, which is Monday morning. The release time was determined on September 6, and it was also announced. The poster of the press conference, the rising sun on the poster and the golden ring are very attractive. According to many previous reports on the Internet, the Mate50 series has a total of 5 products, namely Mate50E, Mate50, Mate50 Pro and Mate50 RS. The positioning ranges from entry-level flagships to ultra-high-end flagships of 10,000 yuan, inheriting the high-end positioning of Huawei’s Mate series. . Later, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, also tweeted, "The Mate50 series is a new product that many consumers have been looking forward to. The most frequently asked question in the Weibo comment area is also when the Mate50 will be released. After two years , Mate50 is finally going to meet with you, carrying the belief and hope of many people. Over the years, we have faced difficulties and constantly explored and broke through the limit of black technology, and finally brought you the annual flagship of Huawei Mate50 series.” And judging from Yu Chengdong's Weibo tail, as the CEO of the consumer business, he has already taken the lead in using the Mate50 Pro. The configuration is still strong, and the 5G network has been "completed". Although Huawei has only released a poster for the conference, the configuration of each model has been exposed, and the design language of the entire Mate50 series models will continue to be used. Huawei Mate series has always been business style, the rear lens module is still a circular "Yuba" design, and the flash is designed in the shape of an exclamation mark. Among them, Mate50 and Mate50E will adopt a normal straight screen design, while Mate50 Pro and Mate50 RS will adopt a curved screen design, and will return to the Liu Haiping design scheme of the Mate30 era. If nothing else, it is for 3D structured light face recognition. function ready. In terms of processors, the Mate50E will be equipped with the Snapdragon 778+ chip, while the other three models will use the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chip. Of course, the native 5G is unfortunately missing. However, referring to Huawei P50Pro, Huawei Mate50 series will also use 5G network communication mobile phone case, in this way, the method of "curve to save the country" to realize the "complement" of mobile phone to 5G network, has been reported by operators, adding 899 yuan, just You can get the Android comprehensive protection plan and also get a 5G communication shell + charging set. And in July, Huawei officially established the XMAGE independent imaging brand, which represents the accumulation of Huawei's continuous leadership in the industry's imaging capabilities over the past few years. The Mate50 series is the first model of XMAGE. It will continue Huawei's consistent AI technology, image processing technology, ISP optimization technology, etc. based on real, high-quality image styles, and rebuild consumers' perception of Huawei XMAGE. . The totem of domestic high-end phones has become a booster for the market. Of course, in the face of the Huawei Mate series, which has been reunited for a long time, more people should sigh. As some netizens said, the Huawei Mate series is a totem for the entire industry. Because after Huawei suspended the development of the mobile phone business, there are almost no high-end mobile phone products on the market that can be on an equal footing with Apple, and almost all of the high-end market that Huawei ceded is to let Apple's iPhone take all the bills. This is a lot of consumers who are concerned about domestic mobile phones. Extraordinary heartache. Fortunately, the former Huawei flagship Mate series has finally returned to the mainstream after two years of absence. The press conference is scheduled to be held on September 6, which also shows that Huawei is prepared this time, because according to the previously exposed news, the Apple iPhone 14 conference will be held in the early morning of September 7, Beijing time, and the two mobile phones can be said to meet on a narrow road. Now, it is a carnival for technology enthusiasts. After watching Huawei's conference during the day and watching Apple's conference in the evening, it is really enjoyable enough. Moreover, the positive hard steel of Huawei and Apple this time is a "strengthening shot" for the entire domestic mobile phone manufacturers. After all, most mobile phone manufacturers have found that only high-end mobile phones will be the way out for brands. Although other mobile phone manufacturers cannot be called high-end, it is not too smooth, but if the Mate50 series responds well, then it will definitely be the domestic mobile phone market. It has a certain positive encouraging effect and is conducive to reducing the impact of the downward cycle of the consumer electronics market. In any case, Huawei's mobile phone business has experienced major shocks in recent years, and it has also been reborn. After integrating and restoring the supply chain, today's Huawei is stronger than before. The self-developed imaging system, self-developed system, and high-level cooperation with supply chain manufacturers, the jointly developed components can be said to be self-developed. It has been researched with sincerity. I believe that after a breakthrough in the semiconductor field, Huawei's self-developed chips will definitely be put on the agenda again. It can be said that this time the Huawei Mate50 series, whether in hardware or software, has shown the determination and strength to compete with Apple's iPhone14 series. After the official release of the mobile phone, the performance of their respective products is just not. Do you know whether you are more optimistic about the Huawei Mate50 series or the Apple iPhone14 series? Welcome everyone to discuss in the comment area.

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