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iPhone 14 has more secrets? The amount of "forward-looking" information is too large

Posting time:2023-03-31 07:15:24

iPhone 14 has more secrets? The amount of "forward-looking" information is too large

#iPhone14# Apple finally announced it! At 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8, the iPhone 14 series will be released. Although it is still so late, there will definitely be countless fruit fans watching the live broadcast of the press conference together. In the press conference poster pushed by Apple, this time the AR cosmic deep space full of mystery is used, and countless stars and galaxies have assembled the Apple logo. What's the big news? I remember that around this time in 2021, there were reports that Apple's iPhone 13 series may be equipped with satellite connection technology, which is used for positioning rescue in emergency situations. Enabled when the iPhone loses its cellular connection, the "SOS" icon will appear in the status bar. If you do encounter bad weather, trapped in the wild, etc., you can activate the SOS signal, and the iPhone will connect to the satellite to provide a positioning reference for rescuers. It's just that last year this function finally "dove", and the theme of this year's conference is so ambiguous that people can't help but turn over the old yellow calendar again. To be honest, the author thinks that although this function can be used in rare cases, and I don’t even want anyone to use it, it is really very practical. For example, people who like outdoor adventures, or people who are in areas prone to geological/meteorological disasters, if the iPhone 14 series has a satellite connection function, it is equivalent to having a way of survival. Of course, even if this feature comes true on the iPhone 14 series, it should be "temporarily unavailable" in mainland China, and everyone knows the reason. Another is the long-rumored "astrophotography" function. The feature is rumored to greatly improve camera performance in low-light situations, especially outdoors. For example, when you take a photo at night, the iPhone uses algorithms to detect the moon or stars, then enable longer exposures and use more processing to refine the image. It seems that this is like an automatically recognized super night scene mode, but it will judge celestial objects based on factors such as location and lens angle, and there should be some image quality enhancements. It does look a little familiar... It seems that both Huawei and Xiaomi have such a function. I don't know what new gameplay Apple can bring this time? Other things should be the "Nikkei" topic. For example, with a larger lens, the 48-megapixel finally ended the 12-megapixel era of the iPhone; the mini version became history, replaced by the Max/Plus version, which only has a larger screen size and a larger battery than the standard version. Larger; the Pro and Pro Max versions will use an "exclamation mark" punch-hole screen, which is also the biggest screen change in the history of the iPhone. As for the price, there is still no accurate statement. It was previously reported that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro starts at 8,999 yuan, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at 9,999 yuan; analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did not disclose the exact price, but he made it clear that the average selling price of all four iPhone 14 models will increase by about 50%. 15%, which would be a big jump. In general, iPhone secrecy is getting worse, with so many spoilers ahead of its release. But for players, the iPhone 14 series this time may be the generation that has changed the most. I wonder how many "nail households" who are still using the old iPhone can be unplugged? let us wait and see.

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