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How many years will it take for the fast charging of the iPhone 14 to catch up with the Android phones of 2022?

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:12:25

How many years will it take for the fast charging of the iPhone 14 to catch up with the Android phones of 2022?

#iPhone# "Five watts, do you know how I charge these five watts? Do you know!" - Collective complaints from the majority of old Apple users Ann" has sincerity, but not much. Now the Android camp has more and more super fast charging of 120W, 150W+, and even 200W. The price is generally lower than the price of the iPhone. Although the charging power is not a necessary factor to buy a mobile phone, it can also influence everyone's choice to a certain extent. Safety? Why did Apple choose such a "conservative" charging strategy? Is Apple really unable to develop high-power fast charging technology? Doesn't Apple know how much time fast charging can save? The answer is that Apple must be able to do it, but others just don't. People are also thinking about it. Safety is a very important reference factor. Apple's shipments in 2021 will be about 239 million units, which will be distributed to a few models. Each model is tens of millions. Adjustment of batteries and adjustment of charging power, Any relatively radical changes will have to withstand a large number of equipment failure rates, and once the security goes wrong, it is difficult to recover. I believe that if Apple can increase the charging speed to increase the user experience while ensuring absolute stability and safety, he will definitely go back and do it. But from another point of view, even if Apple squeezes toothpaste so slowly and the update speed is so slow, it can still guarantee that each generation of products will sell well all over the world. If you can make money lying down like this, why should you join the invoicing? Maybe Cook was watching in front of the screen, "I just watch you roll, and you can't beat me even if you leave you for a few years." But on the contrary, domestic mobile phone brands are more radical than one, especially when it comes to charging. Take the iQOO 10 Pro released some time ago as an example. Its 200W fast charge can be charged to 100% in just 10 minutes. What can I do now in 10 minutes? Waiting for the bus? Brush a dozen short videos? Even 10 minutes in the morning is not enough! The ultra-short charging time greatly makes up for the short board of battery life. Now that the battery technology cannot break through for a short time, non-inductive charging is the best solution. grandfather! grandfather! iPhone charging speed is 100W! The maximum charging power of the iPhone 12 series is 22W, and the maximum charging power of the iPhone 13 series is 27W, which is an increase of 5W. According to the online news, the maximum power of the iPhone 14 is 30W (peak), and it has increased by 3W. At this rate, Apple will come to 100W charging Speed, it will take almost 14 years, then it will be the iPhone 28. I said Apple, you can have a snack! If you don’t advance, you will retreat. The 30W charging power is really fast in the current mobile phone environment. Some thousand-yuan phones (really those around 1,000 yuan, even 1,499 yuan mobile phones are more than 30W) have this level. Now, no matter how good the system experience is, it is quite embarrassing to find a power bank all over the world, so, Laoguozi, you have to work hard!

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