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It is revealed that Apple will still launch the iPhone 14 mini, is it true news or a smoke bomb?

Posting time:2023-03-31 07:08:34

It is revealed that Apple will still launch the iPhone 14 mini, is it true news or a smoke bomb?

According to digital blogger @科技新一, the iPhone 14 will still launch a mini version, which has caused heated discussions on the Internet. As one of the more special models in the iPhone series, the mini series has always had a polarized reputation among users. Supporters believe that the mini series is small in size and light in weight, and has excellent user experience. At the same time, the small and exquisite design is more in line with the tonality of Apple's high-end brands; opponents believe that the mini series is simply a gimmick, sacrificing dual-card dual-standby and battery life. After that, the price is not cheap, which is a kind of deception for consumers. Although there are many fans of the small-screen flagship party, a lot of criticism has undoubtedly affected the sales of the mini series, which eventually became one of the worst-selling models in the iPhone series. After witnessing the sinking of the mini series, Apple decided to cancel the mini series on the iPhone 14 to ensure profits and further expand the configuration gap between the iPhone Pro version and the standard machine. Now that the mini series is about to return to the iPhone 14, the news that the original conclusion was once again rippled. Is it true or false that the iPhone 14 series will soon have a mini series? According to an authoritative analysis, there are two factors for the mini series to return to the iPhone 14: one is that the mini series has many fans in the Asia-Pacific region, and Apple has not completely abandoned it considering the market purchasing power; After consumption, it will take another generation of mini series to digest. But there are also many netizens who don’t believe it at all, saying that this is fake news, saying that this is just a marketing strategy proposed by Apple to promote the iPhone 14. Do you support the return of the mini series?

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