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Huawei launches the new desktop Qingyun W525, equipped with the HiSilicon Pangu M900

Posting time:2023-03-31 08:06:29

Huawei launches the new desktop Qingyun W525, equipped with the HiSilicon Pangu M900

According to digital blogger @Digital Technology Big Bang VVV broke the news, Huawei has launched a new desktop, named Qingyun W525, the biggest highlight of which is that the CPU uses the Pangu M900 of HiSilicon. How does this PC-level processor perform? Woolen cloth? Balanced performance and low power consumption, the market positioning of the Pangu M900 is very clear. The news about the Pangu M900 has been circulating in the market for a long time. As early as last December, digital blogger @wangzaibaishitong disclosed that the M900 will be released in the middle of this year and consumption. meet. Combined with my country's blank status in the computer field, the general speculation in the market at that time was that this chip was very likely to be a 28nm process, with a small probability of a 14nm process, and it was impossible to achieve a breakthrough in the process. But when the Pangu M900 really debuted, I have to say that this CPU surprised us with a 12nm process, an 8-core processor, and a 2.0GHz frequency. It is speculated that this CPU still uses the ARM architecture, which is a new adjustment made by HiSilicon based on the Kirin chip to meet the new needs of the PC side. In general, the performance is balanced and the power consumption is extremely low, which can perfectly meet the needs of government and enterprises for products. The strength of Tongxin V20 domestic operating system is not bad. This time Qingyun W525 is equipped with Tongxin V20 operating system. As a new product of Tongxin Software, Tongxin V20 has great advantages in ease of use, scalability, reliability, security and stability. It has been optimized in terms of aspects, and at the same time, the ability to read and write files has been enhanced, and it has performed well in the domestic self-developed operating system. Pangu M900 + Tongxin V20 is a powerful combination of domestic computer products, and it also shows the multiple progress in the field of computer software and hardware in my country. I look forward to them continuing to work hard!

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