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China's high-end mobile phone sales accounted for a reverse increase of 2% in Q2, and Apple finally swallowed Huawei's high-end market

Posting time:2023-02-02 03:07:07

China's high-end mobile phone sales accounted for a reverse increase of 2% in Q2, and Apple finally swallowed Huawei's high-end market

European reports: Today’s data research agency Counterpoint Research released a report on the share of high-end smartphones in China in the second quarter of 2022: sales of high-end mobile phones accounted for 33% of overall sales, accounting for a reverse growth of 2%, compared with 31% in the same period last year. Counterpoint Research priced this high-end mobile phone at US$400, which is equivalent to RMB 2,800. During the winter of mobile phones, the overall global smartphone sales fell by 14%, and the sales of high-end mobile phones above US$400 accounted for a reverse increase of 2%. The report data shows that the top six are: Apple, vivo, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi and OPPO, with market shares of 46%, 13%, 11%, 9%, 8%, and 8% respectively. Apple dominates and occupies half of the high-end smartphones. The top five domestic smartphone brands accounted for 49% of the market share in the second quarter, only 3% more than Apple, which means that in the market and consumer recognition, All domestic smartphone brands are inferior to Apple. Apple - half of the country Apple occupies the first place in the high-end smartphone sales list with an absolute advantage, with a market share of 46%. It is definitely not based on marketing methods such as hot search promotion, but excellent technical strength. Even if consumers criticize the poor signal of Apple's mobile phone and how many bugs there are in Apple's mobile phone, every year after Apple's new phone is released, there will still be an endless stream of people buying Apple's mobile phone. The iOS operating system and the A-series bionic processor are the hardest cards, and the soft power such as mobile phone quality control should not be underestimated. Coupled with marketing methods, Apple's high-end is finally achieved. Since the fall of Huawei, Apple has swallowed up all the high-end market of Huawei mobile phones, leaving no cake residue for other mobile phone manufacturers. Huawei Mate 50 series and Apple iPhone 14 series are about to be released. will win. Vivo - Rapid progress The domestic high-end smartphone market is highly competitive. Vivo's market share in the same period last year was 6%, and this year it jumped to 13%, which is a rapid progress. With the X80 series, which was launched in April this year, it is equipped with a self-developed chip V1+ and has achieved sales reputation in the high-end market segment. Double harvest. The follow-up vivo X Note, vivo X Fold and vivo S15 series products also did not pull the crotch, and the product strength was outstanding, which established vivo's position in the high-end market. Huawei-Tutu Xuzhi Huawei after the paper restriction order has not been able to get out of the predicament until now. Ren Zhengfei said a few days ago that Huawei's goal is to survive in the environment of consumption downgrade, indicating that the current situation is far more difficult than we know. In the same period last year, Huawei’s market share was 19%, and this year it dropped to 11%. Despite this, Huawei has not given up on the high-end market. The upcoming Huawei Mate 50 series conference on September 6 is another impact of Huawei on the high-end market, which also proves that I am still working hard, and I believe that under the influence of the brand, Huawei's share in the high-end smartphone market in the third quarter will skyrocket. Glory, Xiaomi, OPPO—the tie-breaker Honor digital series 70 and Xiaomi 12S series mobile phones achieved good sales results online and offline respectively, so it is not surprising that the market share occupies 9% and 8%, but OPPO mobile phones in the domestic market. Compared with the previous glorious period, the status quo is not enough to see, and the market share of 8% can only show that the previous products are more powerful and stabilize the position. In a word, the layout of the high-end smartphone market still needs to start from the core competitiveness of the product, reduce the sense of separation between stacking and experience, and be extremely good in hardware, software, system and other aspects to better retain users.

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