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1MORE Aero Wanmo spatial audio noise-cancelling headphones are now on pre-sale, the first pre-sale price is only 549 yuan

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:28:39

1MORE Aero Wanmo spatial audio noise-cancelling headphones are now on pre-sale, the first pre-sale price is only 549 yuan

In September 2022, the professional audio brand 1MORE Wanmo Headphones launched a new product - Wanmo Spatial Audio Noise Cancelling Headphones 1MOREAero, with real-time spatial audio, intelligent hearing balance, and diamond-like sound units to comprehensively improve the sense of hearing, and self-developed QuietMax intelligent broadband The noise reduction technology has a new depth and breadth, and it is another masterpiece of "full immersive listening" presented to consumers. Immersive stereo listening
  • real-time spatial audio
breaks the limitation of the narrow sound field and unnatural sound of ordinary true wireless earphones, this time 1MORE Aero adopts The self-developed real-time spatial audio technology1 releases the sound in the small headphones and eliminates the "In-head Effect". With the help of the built-in gyroscope and head tracking 3D audio processing algorithm of the headset, the head posture can be tracked in real time, and the distance between the real feeling and the fixed sound source can be heard. Realistic experience. Different from the earphones on the market that are processed by mobile phones, 1MOREAero has built-in intelligent algorithms into the earphones, which has stronger real-time performance without mobile phones, and is compatible with Bluetooth devices such as Apple and Android, so you can enjoy a new experience no matter listening to songs or watching movies. 1. It needs to be turned on in the 1MORE MUSIC APP. 2. Using the panoramic sound film source format, you can get a better viewing experience.
  • Diamond-clear HiFi sound quality
The earphones use a custom-made diamond-like sound unit to reproduce high-fidelity details and sound balanced and transparent. The diamond-like diaphragm has ultra-high hardness and sensitivity, and the high-speed transmission of sound is clean and neat, which greatly improves the high-frequency extension range, realizes low-distortion performance in the full frequency range, and presents a crystal-clear sound like a diamond.
  • Intelligent Hearing Balance
In order to fully consider the "detail control" users of hearing sense, 1MORE has introduced a new intelligent hearing sense equalization function3. Because the human ear perceives sound in different frequency bands differently, and due to the difference in the size of the ear canal, the reflection effect of the sound in the ear is also different. When listening to music at low volume, it is easier to hear mid-frequency sounds (such as human voices), but high and low frequency details are difficult to hear. The intelligent hearing balance function 3 can intelligently detect the characteristics of the ear canal, and make real-time compensation for the less perceptible high and low frequency details. Users can also manually adjust according to their personal hearing sense to obtain a complete listening experience. 3. QuietMaxTM intelligent broadband noise reduction QuietMaxTM technology 4, which needs to be opened to a new height in the 1MORE MUSIC APP, is a "unique secret technique" that 1MORE has cultivated for a long time. This upgrade has deeper active noise reduction, wider coverage frequency band, and has an adaptive function. 4. QuietMaxTM is the trademark of 1MORE noise reduction technology, which takes into account outstanding noise reduction and high-definition sound quality, and creates exclusive noise reduction solutions for different noise reduction products.
  • 42dB flagship noise reduction
Dual feedback hybrid noise reduction technology to achieve 42dB5 flagship noise reduction. For strong noise environments such as airplanes, subways, and buses, the noise cancellation is cleaner, and HiFi sound quality is considered. 5. The depth noise reduction can reach up to 42dB, and the test data comes from the 1MORE laboratory.
  • 4,000Hz broadband noise reduction
Obtain a wider noise reduction frequency band distribution through the calculation model, the frequency band width is up to 4,000Hz6, which can suppress the daily office, shopping mall , indoor appliances and other various noises, even the difficult to eliminate human voice can be easily dealt with, comfortable and quiet listening without ear pressure. 6. The test data comes from the 1MORE laboratory.
  • Multi-mode, smarter
With depth, balance, intelligent dynamic, anti-wind noise and other noise reduction modes. Intelligent dynamic noise reduction can automatically detect the noise in different scenes, and automatically eliminate noise, which is more convenient without manual operation. The headset also has a transparency mode, which can be switched with a touch, without taking off the headset or pausing the music, you can also communicate clearly and understand the external environment sound.
  • Excellent DNN intelligent call noise reduction
A total of 6 microphones on the left and right, integrated with DNN deep neural network learning algorithm, can intelligently eliminate environmental noise up to 30dB7. No fear of wind noise interference, always let the other party hear your true and natural expression. 7. The test data comes from the 1MORE laboratory. The 28-hour long-lasting listening and low-power design ensures that even heavy users of headphones can enjoy it. Once fully charged, the whole machine can play continuously for up to 28 hours8, and a single earphone can also listen to songs for up to 7 hours9. Charge for 15 minutes, then listen to songs for 3 hours 10, support Qi wireless charging, more convenient. 8, 9, 10. The playback time is the data measured in the laboratory under the conditions of noise reduction off, AAC format, and 50% volume, which may vary depending on the device settings, environment, usage and many other factors. In addition, 1MOREAero has APP12 sets of professional studio sound effects, which are derived from studio sound tuning technology, bringing music lovers a diverse and authentic listening experience, avoiding sound distortion "filters". The earphones also have IPX5 waterproof performance, so they can be used safely in light rain or sports sweat. Wanmo Spatial Audio Noise Cancelling Headphones 1MOREAero has now opened a pre-sale event at 1MORE Jingdong self-operated flagship store. The initial pre-sale price is 549 yuan. The first 100 people pay a deposit and get a free Wanmo sleep goggles, and the first 300 pay a deposit and get a gift of 10,000 yuan. Magic Enamel Bear.

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