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Survey Shows Consumers Want Apple Cars More

Posting time:2023-02-02 10:41:32

Survey Shows Consumers Want Apple Cars More

As we all know, Apple has not yet built a car, at least not officially announced. However, according to a survey, American consumers' interest in Apple cars is quite high, even higher than Tesla, which has already released a number of cars, and also higher than the traditional car company Ford. Strategic Vision surveyed 200,000 new owners and found that 26 percent of U.S. consumers are considering buying an Apple car, compared with just 20 percent who are considering a Tesla. Of course, more consumers still prefer Toyota and Honda, accounting for 38% and 32% respectively. However, there is a very interesting statistic, that is, 50% of Tesla owners will consider buying an Apple car, of course, if Apple builds the car and sells it. Judging from this data, although Apple has not yet built a car, everyone's expectations for Apple's cars are quite high, especially consumers who have experienced the new power of car-making products. There are so many potential users before the car is built, and I have to admire the charm of Apple. It was previously reported that Apple aims to design a self-driving electric car without a steering wheel by 2025. (8008957)

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