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Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max may switch from "exclamation mark screen" to "pill screen"

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:32:37

Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max may switch from "exclamation mark screen" to "pill screen"

If you want to say the biggest upgrade highlight of Apple's iPhone 14 series this year, it is the two Pro version models that have been replaced by "exclamation point screens" from "Liu Haiping" for many years. But there is the latest news that this "exclamation mark screen" can also be switched to a "pill screen", which is quite interesting. (Photo source network) Previously, the new "exclamation mark screen" was spurned by many fruit fans once it was exposed, and some people called it the ugliest hole-digging screen design in history. At the same time, this two-stage hole-digging design similar to an exclamation mark is also unacceptable to many obsessive-compulsive disorder users. I don’t know if Apple said it heard these feedbacks. According to the latest information disclosed by people familiar with the matter, although the digging holes of the two Pro versions are separated into two parts, in some display scenarios, the two digging holes will be connected. The middle is filled with black display content, forming an extra-long pill hole. (Picture source network) In addition, the middle connection part can also become the latest privacy permission indicator, which will display the small green dot that called the camera and the small orange dot that called the microphone in the upper right corner. From this point of view, the "Pill Screen" is indeed much more coordinated than the "Exclamation Mark Screen", and users of obsessive-compulsive disorder should be more comfortable now! Editor's comment: The Apple iPhone 14 series will be released at the 2022 Apple Autumn Conference at 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8th, and interested users must not miss it!

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