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Consolation in boredom, innovation brings to create a new music experience

Posting time:2023-02-02 04:07:37

Consolation in boredom, innovation brings to create a new music experience

Music is the pursuit of people since ancient times. From chimes to pipa, countless musical instruments are used to perform a perfect tune. Entering the modern society, the music carried in digital format allows anyone to enjoy the joy of music, but at the same time, the uneven music conditions make it difficult for people to immerse themselves in the enjoyment. Innovation, as a manufacturer focusing on electronic music playback in the new era, has been committed to allowing everyone to experience high-fidelity music. Now join hands with to start the 9.9 seckill festival, let's buy your own music experience together. The innovative Pebble desktop is the most important scene in our life and work, and we spend a lot of time on it. Whether for entertainment or work, you need a speaker that takes into account both appearance and sound quality on the desktop. The innovative Pebble is such a player with both appearance and strength. The custom-made unit with a 45° upward tilt has a wider sound field than the traditional unit. The built-in passive radiator and 4.4WRMS power output can make you feel crystal clear music details. As part of the tabletop, its refined appearance is inspired by smooth pebbles, and it is available in black or white to suit the style of the tabletop. [Click to buy] Innovative Outlier Airv3 As an office worker, the true wireless Bluetooth headset is often the only solace on the way to and from get off work. Innovation noticed our needs and launched Outlier Airv3, a headset that allows us to enjoy high-quality music anytime, anywhere. OutlierAirv3 uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which saves more power than 5.0 technology, allowing OutlierAirv3 to reach 40 hours of playback time. At the same time, it also adopts active noise reduction technology, so that you can feel quiet even if you are in a noisy environment. It also supports IPX5-level sweat resistance, which can easily cope with wearing it even when exercising. With the addition of AAC technology, you can enjoy extremely high sound quality even with a Bluetooth connection. 【Click to buy】Innovative T60 The innovative Pebble introduced above has answered why we need to build a desktop audio and video system. As the big brother of innovative desktop speakers, T60 shows its charm everywhere. Using two powerful 2.75-inch full-range drive unit speakers and built-in digital amplifiers, let your favorite music burst out through powerful speakers. At the same time, the T60 is a desktop speaker. When the microphone is inserted, the software can judge whether you have turned on the microphone, and then automatically mute the sound, freeing your hands. There is also its exaggerated number of interfaces, whether it is Type-c or 3.5 compatible, the control panel is further moved forward, and it is more convenient to adjust the volume interface. [Click to buy] Innovative G6 is the finishing touch in game equipment, and the game sound card can often add icing on the cake to the game experience. As a game sound card, the innovative SoundBlasterXG6 is equipped with the latest Dolby Digital decoder, which can virtualize 5./7.1 channels and easily find the enemy's position. Combined with the SoundBlaster sound enhancement technology, it can bring users more precise clues and clear vocals, so that players can truly "listen to the sound". At the same time, its customized Xamp discrete headphone amplifier can amplify two audio channels independently, allowing you to enjoy highly detailed sound output in treble, midrange and bass, and act as a sound quality sound card. [Click to buy] Innovation G3 Innovation G3, as a portable version of Innovation G6, inherits many advantages of Innovation G6. As a portable sound card, the compact body can even push headphones up to 300Ω, and the experience of using high-impedance headphones can also be easily pushed. After using this sound card, many players said that the scene of the game is more majestic and grand, and there is a sense of grand adventure. The innovative G3 is also equipped with the GAMEVOICEMIX function. In the case of continuing the game, you can adjust the volume of the voice chat through the dial on the G3 to better listen to teammates' reports. Simply for the game. [Click to buy] As the most important part of the family, the innovative KatanaV2 often attracts everyone's attention. The innovative launch of KatanaV2 is mainly about games. The KatanaV2 is only 600mm long, which is slightly shorter than most soundbars on the market. It looks as elegant as a "gentleman in a black suit". In terms of sound quality, KATANAV2, which has 5 sounding units, is specially driven by a multi-core three-way DSP power amplifier, with a total output power of 126W and a peak power of 252W! When the power is fully turned on, the neighbors should come to the door. At the same time, KATANAV2 supports Dolby sound, and can virtualize 5.1 channels, so that the movie sound can produce the same stereo surround feeling as the theater, allowing you to build a private theater at home. [Click to buy] Summary: This wave of innovation is in the 99 discount festival, and together with, we will give you profits. The original 1199 AE6 game sound card, under the subsidy of the innovation official and Jingdong, only costs 999 yuan. There are more discounts in the store, whether it is games or hifi, I believe everyone can find their favorite products. Come to Jingdong Innovation Technology to choose your audio-visual journey.

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