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Huawei's new product launch conference is scheduled for 14:30 on September 6, and the live broadcast has caused controversy

Posting time:2023-02-02 01:17:04

Huawei's new product launch conference is scheduled for 14:30 on September 6, and the live broadcast has caused controversy

Today, Huawei officially released relevant information about the Mate 50 new product launch conference. The specific time is 14:30 noon on September 6th. For the situation that it used to be night and this time it was early to noon, it is most likely because of this conference. It was held offline, not recorded and broadcast, which also made many users look forward to it. Regarding whether the Mate 50 series products will be released at the same time as the conference, the current answer is whether, according to current news, the fastest is September 21. On the official live broadcast platform announced by Huawei, we can see that more than 150 media support the live broadcast, which is enough to show that Huawei attaches great importance to this conference and the industry's attention. There are two specific reasons why this Huawei press conference has attracted much attention. First, it has been two years since the last press conference. In recent years, Huawei has been under pressure in many aspects due to sanctions from various foreign parties. And challenges, the release of new products after two years, and the choice of the day before the Apple mobile phone conference, shows that Huawei has come out of the suppression, and it means that Huawei has made great strides on the road of self-creation and self-sufficiency. A step ahead, daring to confront Apple head-on shows that Huawei has enough confidence in the new product. The second is because the Mate series, as Huawei's highest-end product, has always represented the highest level of Huawei's technology in all aspects. In terms of software, each new Mate series will bring highly acclaimed creative and practical functions. Huawei, which has been silent for two years, has What kind of ingenuity this time will bring also makes people look forward to it. In terms of hardware, although Huawei has lost the only 5G name in the market due to chip problems, it will definitely have more competitive performance. According to current reports, some of the Mate 50 series will be equipped with Kirin chips, and the rest will be Snapdragon 8+. The system will be unified with Hongmeng's mature 3.0 system. Users can experience Huawei's own brand ecosystem. For the first time In addition, Huawei's screen will also be completely different from the previous one. It is no longer the left-most hole-drilling screen, but instead is a hole-drilling hole in the middle. Whether it will be more beautiful and more practical, people are looking forward to it. This time Huawei's new product The press conference is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of Huawei's development. It is not only a challenge for Huawei, but also a demonstration of Huawei's strength to the market. Both inside and outside the industry, they are full of expectations for the upcoming press conference. Let us pay attention to 9 Come on the 6th!

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