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NIO Air AR Glasses on-line: Bringing 130-inch 3D viewing effect

Posting time:2023-02-02 07:34:20

NIO Air AR Glasses on-line: Bringing 130-inch 3D viewing effect

IT House reported on September 5th, according to NIO official WeChat news, NIO Air AR Glasses jointly developed by NIO and AR startup Nreal has now landed on NIO Car Mall, which can bring an equivalent 130-inch high-definition giant screen + 256 Color ambient lighting + Dolby Atmos + 7.1.4 immersive sound system for a cinema-level in-car 3D viewing experience. NIO Air AR Glasses was launched on the NIO App Car Mall at 10:30 a.m. today, with a pre-sale price of 2,299 yuan for the first preferential package. According to reports, NIO Air AR Glasses can achieve a 3D viewing effect equivalent to 4 meters and 130 inches, and it is also the only AR glasses in the world with on-board image stabilization. AR glasses are an important part of NIO's panoramic digital cockpit PanoCinema. NIO Air AR Glasses is jointly developed by NIO and Nreal, an innovative AR equipment company invested by NIO Capital. It supports binocular 1080P 3D display and 108% sRGB color gamut coverage, with 7.1.4 immersive sound system and Dolby Atmos technology , to provide users with a full sensory immersion experience. Based on the multi-modal perception fusion of glasses and cockpit sensors, the anti-shake and anti-dizziness technology jointly developed by NIO and Nreal can provide users with a comfortable viewing experience during the dynamic driving of the vehicle. According to the official introduction, compared with the Nreal Air AR, the NIO Air AR Glasses jointly developed by NIO and Nreal have an exclusive LOGO design, a car kit for car scenes, higher brightness and a visor design suitable for use in the car. . The first discount package can only be purchased once per car. Compared with NIO Air AR Glasses, an additional NIO Air car kit (including converter and Type C extension cable) is included to connect with the car system in the car scene. NIO Air AR Glasses cannot be directly connected to the vehicle. The NIO Air car kit is the basis for AR glasses to be connected to the car and provides functions such as computing power expansion and data transmission, anti-shake algorithm, signal conversion, signal push and power supply. Based on NIO's exclusive in-vehicle AR operating interface XR OS, users can control AR and vehicle cockpit functions through NOMI voice, NIO Air Ring smart ring and exclusive mobile app when using AR glasses. Among them, the NIO AIR smart ring is jointly developed and manufactured by NIO and NOLO. It is a 3DoF remote controller that supports spatial interaction. It can be used with NIO Air AR Glasses as a remote controller in the NIO cockpit and control content in the XR OS. and interaction. In terms of content, through the iQiyi video application, NIO will provide users with nearly 200 3D movies and over 260 Dolby Atmos movies. IT House learned that from now on, NIO Air AR Glasses will officially open limited pre-sale in the car mall, and will be shipped in order from mid to late September.

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