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Huawei Mate 50 pre-orders exceed 2 million

Posting time:2023-02-02 10:23:35

Huawei Mate 50 pre-orders exceed 2 million

Zhongguancun Online News: Huawei's autumn full-scenario new product launch conference will be officially held tomorrow. According to Huawei's official website, 2.18 million people have made reservations for this launch conference. It can be seen that the Mate 50 series is quite popular. At present, the Huawei Mate 50 series has been put on the shelves and the pre-order buying event has been opened. Interested friends can learn about it in advance. Three models of Huawei Mate 50 series will be released, and all three models have already entered the network. Today, Huawei officially said that the Mate 50 series has broken through the signal limit and is equipped with WeChat communication functions. In addition, the new phone will also launch a new self-developed image brand XMAGE, pre-installed with the HarmonyOS 3 mobile operating system. According to reports, the first sale date is 0:00 on September 10. For more information, please look forward to Huawei's new product launch conference held by Huawei tomorrow. (8009295)

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