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Truth Lab: How amazing is the speed of the fifth generation of HP and 66 with native 32GB large memory?

Posting time:2023-02-02 09:22:34

Truth Lab: How amazing is the speed of the fifth generation of HP and 66 with native 32GB large memory?

Unconsciously, HP Z66 has come to the fifth generation, the appearance is the same as business, and the interface is complete configuration. The latest Z66 has fully updated the 12th generation Intel Core processor and 32GB memory. It seems that there is little change, but in fact there is a hidden mystery. This is a thin and light notebook computer equipped with dual physical memory slots, "standard 32GB memory", and the promotional price is only 4899 yuan. How powerful is this 32GB notebook? Let's take a test today. We selected two notebooks, one equipped with the more common 16GB memory, and the other equipped with a 32GB large memory. In the daily work and life, the lag and flashback of the notebook are the dream of the workers, so here we use some software that is usually used in work and life to conduct some extreme tests. In order to give you a more intuitive understanding of this limit test, we will present it to you in the form of a video. See the video below for the detailed testing process and results. The video is loading... The extreme test items are as follows: Challenge 1: PC memory eater - Chrome browser Google Chrome, as the world's first browser, it is almost a well-known thing that it eats memory crazy, we use it today The 32G version and the 16G version of the Zhan 66 fifth generation open 100 tabs respectively to record the final time of the two. At this time, open an ordinary Word document for editing and observe the lag situation of the two notebooks. In the face of up to 100 web page tags, the 32GB Zhan 66 persisted from the beginning to the end, and there was no problem in switching, and we can see that the normal word editing is also completely fine, and it still remains smooth. And the 16G Zhan 66 had a visible freeze as early as 50 web pages. Challenge 2: As soon as it crashes, the work is in vain - Office suite and 66 5th generation 32G version and 16G version challenge to open 20 PPTs with a capacity of 10GB respectively, and record the final time of opening all of them. Challenge 3: It's not my fault that it is difficult to use - Adobe photo/video production software and 66 5th generation 32G version and 16G version use PS software to open dozens of multi-layer PSD files at the same time for editing, and compare the limits of the two versions In the process of batch processing of pictures, open the video software at the same time, carry out 4K video rendering and export, and record the whole process (time + freeze). Challenge 4: High-voltage operation does not deviate - DeepFM uses the DeepFM model - an artificial intelligence training engine to simulate the situation when the computer runs a large program demand, two memory versions start at the same time, record the final time, record the opening time and whether There are card pre-, flashback and other phenomena. Challenge 5: True multi-threaded operation - open several programs at the same time and run in parallel. Comparing two models of cards when 20 commonly used software such as DingTalk, WeChat, QQ, a bunch of web pages, and the three major Office suites are opened. Dayton situation. Summary: The fifth-generation HP Z66 with dual memory slots and dual SSD hard disk slots, with its large-capacity memory configuration, brings the benchmark performance of thin and light business notebooks. If you want a high-performance notebook, you need not only pursue the high performance of CPU and GPU, but also need efficient support from memory and hard disk. The entire fifth-generation HP Z66 series comes standard with DDR4 3200MHz memory, which can actually be expanded to 64GB, with larger capacity, high-speed loading, and easy handling of large memory requirements such as image editing, video editing, file processing, big data, and virtual machine networks. The performance bottleneck caused by the "exploded" memory satisfies all users' imaginations for high-performance thin and light business notebooks. At present, the market price of 32GB version is 4899 yuan, which is only 400 yuan compared with the 16GB version. If there is a high demand for multi-tasking fluency and processing speed, it is recommended to choose the 32GB version with stronger performance in one step. Installation and maintenance, can not avoid more trouble.

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