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Experience cutting-edge smart black technology: Samsung's new product pop-up experience store landed in Tianhe City, Guangzhou

Posting time:2023-03-26 11:20:58

Experience cutting-edge smart black technology: Samsung's new product pop-up experience store landed in Tianhe City, Guangzhou

Samsung's fourth-generation Galaxy foldable screen products have attracted the attention and pursuit of consumers since they were released in China. With the official launch of new products, all channels are currently in hot sales. In order to allow more consumers who want to buy new products to have a deeper understanding of this innovation and upgrade, Samsung has successively built more than 40 Samsung Galaxy stores in more than 30 cities across the country, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, and Chengdu. A new pop-up experience store for folding screens. On September 5, the Samsung Galaxy folding screen new product pop-up experience store officially opened in Tianhe City, Guangzhou. Consumers can go to the store to experience the Samsung Galaxy ZFold4 and ZFlip4 folding screen mobile phones, as well as Samsung GalaxyWatch5 series smart watches and Samsung GalaxyBuds2Pro flagship headset. A variety of new products, fully experience the cutting-edge technology created by Samsung Galaxy ingenuity. The pop-up experience store for Samsung Galaxy folding screen new products in Tianhe City, Guangzhou The pop-up experience store is divided into a Samsung Galaxy ZFold4 experience area dominated by white tones and a Galaxy ZFlip4 experience area dominated by purple tones. Consumers can experience many innovative functions brought by the two folding screens and new smart wearables in different experience areas. At the same time, in each exhibition area, there are special staff to provide detailed and professional explanations, so that consumers who come to the store can have a deeper understanding of the advantages and differentiated experience of the products. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the flash experience store experience area, as Samsung's fourth-generation folding screen masterpiece, has once again achieved many breakthrough upgrades. With first-class craftsmanship on the body, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a lightweight body of only 263g, which makes the user's one-handed control experience more comfortable. At the same time, with the blessing of innovative functions such as taskbar layout and gesture quick split screen, Samsung has further improved the unique mobile office productivity experience of the folding screen. When users use it with SPen (exclusive to Samsung folding screen mobile phones), they can also use practical functions such as double-click split-screen writing, text extraction, etc., to unleash their inspiration. In addition, the flagship imaging system also allows friends who love to take pictures and record their life to capture clearer, brighter and more detailed creative masterpieces from the unique perspective of a folding screen phone. Customer Experience Samsung Galaxy ZFold4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, as a representative of trendy luxury aesthetics, maintains a lightweight and stylish palm-folding design, while also enhancing the experience of external screens, images, battery life and other aspects. Through the external screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, users can easily answer calls or reply messages, turn on or off common functions such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or directly display the payment code to complete the payment. The upgraded external screen snapshot function supports the framing effect previewed according to the actual scale, so that users who love selfies can more easily freeze the most beautiful self. In addition, with the multi-angle spin stop feature, users can also use vertical free shooting to explore more creative and exciting moments. Customers experience Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in the smart wear experience area, and customers who come to the store can also experience the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro launched simultaneously. The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series relies on the enhanced Samsung BioActive body vitality sensor, which can accurately record and monitor multiple health data of users. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has become a more intimate smart guide for users with its upgraded battery life and better durability. Samsung GalaxyBuds2Pro is equipped with 24bit high-fidelity audio function, combined with intelligent active noise reduction (ANC) and ingenious design, bringing users high-quality sound quality and a comfortable listening experience. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5Pro that can experience a variety of new products, the Samsung pop-up experience store also prepares a wealth of activities and gifts for customers who come to the store. For example, users can participate in the check-in experience activities in the store. After completing the relevant tasks, they may have the opportunity to obtain exquisite small gifts. Through a comprehensive and diverse product and technology experience, the Samsung Galaxy foldable new product pop-up experience store fully demonstrates the smart lifestyle from Samsung Galaxy to customers who come to the store, and provides a more in-depth and detailed understanding for consumers who want to buy new products. with feelings. At present, Samsung GalaxyZFold4, GalaxyZFlip4, GalaxyWatch5 series and GalaxyBuds2Pro are selling well. Interested consumers can go to the Samsung Galaxy folding screen new product pop-up experience store in their spare time to experience and purchase various series of new products.

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