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Man sued the platform after being banned for playing games for 441 hours

Posting time:2023-02-05 10:06:17

Man sued the platform after being banned for playing games for 441 hours

[gearbest News] Online games have deeply affected the lives of many young people, but young people are often addicted to them. News on September 7, according to reports, recently, a Beijing man Xu played games for 20 consecutive days and 441 hours without interruption. After being banned, he sued the platform to the court for unblocking. Playing games It is understood that Xu has recharged more than 10,000 yuan in a game to buy virtual items for a long time. After logging in to the game interface one day, he found that the platform suspended his account on the grounds that "the account has detected violations of the use of scripts and will be permanently banned". game account. Xu applied to the game platform for unblocking but was rejected, so he filed a lawsuit with the court. According to relevant reports, the defendant's game platform believes that Xu had almost uninterrupted gaming behavior for more than 8 consecutive days, 12 days, and 20 days respectively within half a year, which is in line with the characteristics of "uninterrupted gaming" in the "script" (cheating device). At present, the second-instance judgment of the case has been released, and the court has rejected all the players' requests. After hearing, the court held that according to the game battle background data provided by the game platform, Xu did play games continuously for a long time day and night, and the game could last for 441 hours without interruption, which violated the "physiological laws of human beings". ", in line with the characteristics of "script" use, there is the behavior of using "script". In the end, the court did not support Xu's claim for lifting the account ban due to lack of factual and legal basis.

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