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Toy Theater Time: A little childish for elementary school students, but just right for adults

Posting time:2023-02-05 08:08:28

Toy Theater Time: A little childish for elementary school students, but just right for adults

Hi! It's been a long time, and it's the time of the small toy theater that I like to see and hear. A lot of things happened this year, happy and unhappy, like going to a market! How are you doing? Stop talking, look at things first. In this difficult year, I hope my friends can spend every day happily and healthily! "Come on! The ants~" "Meet your father-in-law, this is a dowry gift, please accept it with a smile!" "On the west longitude road, the disciples are tired, come and eat the big cake" "Fulfill each other" "The future after returning to the future. ....." "Bring VR, I'm a tiger" "Mickey's business experience: selling his own love fart (IP)" "Impulse is the devil, Sakura! (Gaara: Let me come first 😠) "Flying to space ~ you have to be a broom" "Sacrifice yourself, cool the summer" "Eat the leader's red pill, you will enter a false world, when the time comes, the obedient will stand and eat meat, and the disobedient will kneel. Eat shit" "Plastic villain military strategist" "Crab boss: SpongeBob, you might as well bake me, please don't burn my money" "Who is this person who sent you WeChat?" " Thanos: Give me a flower "No, is it poisonous? I said that gourd" "Super Otaku-George" "Fire-breathing dragon: put out the fire or kill me?" "The skin is all for you, please take it slow" "Moulin Rouge: for art Dedication", "Hidden Easter Eggs", "You Dead Scum Bear", "Ai Lamp, Rebellion", "What Ghost Balls Are You Sending", "Resolve to Break Up", "You are not human because you don't have a health code", "No time to explain." , get on the horse" "I will protect your dog's life" "Damn it! Are you okay? Baby~" "I'm from Krypton, not from the motherland, x" "Eiji Tsuburaya: Do the right thing for the children Bring happiness", "May the force be with dragon!" "May the force be with the dragon!" "I would like to admit defeat" "Remember to disinfect before eating leeks" "All kinds of men, it's time to tell the truth" "Forever heroine (the first serious one since 2016) toy character)" "Rocky: It's not at the right time, I'm sorry. Hulk: No, it's the right time" "Rational intrusion" "Cultural invasion, starting with toys" "Unearthed cultural relics, reemployment" "Nowhere Not here, all-pervasive" "children" feel your warmth "My shoelaces are loose again, do you know what to do?" "Extreme lover: Brother Hao" "I am your father" "In the future you will be me My dog, if someone bullies you, call me by my name" "Deep in my mind" "When I'm lonely, I can not only eat, but also read a book, or... read while eating" "Sorry, this is my first time crossing , a little nervous", "I escaped", "You are too slow in front of geniuses", "Monitoring Empire", "Birth Contest", "Future Three Children"

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