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200+6 interest-free moto X30 Pro discounts are on sale for a limited time

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:02:41

200+6 interest-free moto X30 Pro discounts are on sale for a limited time

As the current cost-effective Snapdragon 8+ flagship mobile phone, the moto X30 Pro has opened a limited-time special price from 9.1 to 9.15 in the official channel at the start of school + Mid-Autumn Festival sales node. There are also 4000 Jingdou, and the limited-time promotional price starts at 3499 yuan, which is a good time to start. The beginning of school + Mid-Autumn Festival + the upcoming National Day, continuous replacement nodes, many consumers will plan to replace the new phone. At present, there are many Snapdragon 8+ flagships on the market, which makes people dazzling. The moto X30 Pro is really good for the price. In addition to the latest generation Snapdragon 8+ processor, it also has a 200-megapixel ultra-large bottom main lens, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a large battery and fast charging. A "bucket" model. On the product evaluation page of, you can see that the consumer's favorable rate reaches 98%. The praised label themes include smooth, fast charging, high configuration, and first-class pixels. It is indeed the flagship mobile phone that consumers voted for with money. In terms of imaging, the moto X30 Pro debuted with 200 million pixels and a 1/1.22-inch outsole CMOS. The advantage of light input is obvious. In addition to the ability to output 200 million pixels, it can also output 50 million pixel photos through the pixel four-in-one technology, while enhancing the resolution and details, whether it is day or night, the picture quality is quite good. The moto X30 Pro also has a unique high-definition portrait gameplay. It has three classic focal lengths to choose from, the 35mm focal length is for people and street sweepers, the 50mm focal length is for close-ups of half-length portraits, and the 85mm focal length for telephoto close-ups brings richer details and expressions. The independent 12-megapixel lens and AI algorithm can capture the flavor of a fixed-focus rangefinder camera. In terms of screen, the 144Hz ultra-high screen of moto X30 Pro can not only deal with the smoothness of brushing Xiaohongshu and Weibo, but also play games and watch movies smoothly. Moreover, for the game party, the high screen brushing means that the operation is more hands-on, whether it is the passion of the team battle or the dungeon fighting monsters, it can give you a more extreme entertainment experience. In terms of charging, the moto X30 Pro is equipped with a 125W super fast charge. With a large battery of 4610 mAh, the battery life is reassuring. Fast charging can better solve the "spiritual internal consumption" of battery life, and the experience of playing with confidence and fast charging is really comfortable. . On the whole, the moto X30 Pro is outstanding enough in terms of screen, image, battery life and performance.

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