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RedmiBook G gaming notebook adds two new configurations: is the 9999 yuan version the most worth buying?

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:01:07

RedmiBook G gaming notebook adds two new configurations: is the 9999 yuan version the most worth buying?

During this time, the Redmi G gaming notebook has attracted a lot of attention, mainly because the new Redmi G Pro Ryzen Edition has been launched, which has raised the configuration limit of the entire gaming notebook. However, some friends found the problem at that time. AMD Ryzen and Duxian are not a good combination, but the original RedmiG Core version has a weak configuration, and the overall appeal is not great. Now Redmi has added two configuration versions to the RedmiG Pro product line, which should be more worthwhile to choose, and the high-end version of 9999 yuan is more cost-effective. The Redmi G Pro released on September 7th was a product of the Ryzen platform, but it has been improved, and the RTX3060 is optional. Now the new addition is the Core platform, which includes two new configurations, namely the Core i7-12650H with RTX3060 independent display, and the Core i9-12900H with RTX3070Ti independent display, the prices are 7999 yuan and 9999 yuan respectively. In comparison, the former does not seem to be cost-effective. After all, there are many gaming laptops with Core i7-12700H processors and RTX3060 on the market, and the prices are similar. But the latter is different. Some time ago, some models with Core i9 processors have been added to the gaming market, but the prices will be more expensive. And this gamebook uses a combination of Core i9 and RTX3070Ti, which can be said to be a configuration ceiling. Although this configuration is not the highest in the game book, it is meaningless to upgrade again. The price of 9999 yuan is also very cost-effective. The selling point of this notebook is not only the Core i9 with RTX3070Ti, but also the screen and the full-size keyboard with large arrow keys. The notebook is equipped with a 16-inch display with 2560×1600 resolution, high color gamut screen, supports 240Hz refresh rate, 500nits brightness, supports HDR400, and the average delta-E is only 0.57, which is better than many notebooks at the same price. You must know that some 9999 yuan models still have 16:9 and 165Hz screens. In addition, the A side of the notebook is also made of metal, and the design is more low-key. The interface part, like the previous AMD Ryzen version, is also a 4A1C solution, including a USB2.0 interface, but because it is an Intel platform, the USB type-C has become a Thunderbolt 4 high-speed interface. In other respects, 2.5G wired network, SD card reader, HDMI2.1 are all worth mentioning. To sum up, among the two new configurations of this notebook, the Core i9 version is more cost-effective and indeed popular. As for the Core i7 version, it seems to be more general. However, considering that the notebook screen specifications are relatively good and the expansion interfaces are more complete, it is actually worth considering. It can only be said that if you grab the high-end version of 9999 yuan, it is indeed quite profitable.

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