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NVIDIA RTX4060 running score exposure, and so on the party seems a little disappointed

Posting time:2023-03-26 00:16:46

NVIDIA RTX4060 running score exposure, and so on the party seems a little disappointed

[gearbest News] In the past two years, due to the wave of cryptocurrencies, graphics cards have also been hyped, not only the price has soared, the price has doubled, and even a card has been difficult to find. It doesn't matter whether it's NVIDIA's fault or the dealer's fault. What's important is that after a series of adjustments in cryptocurrency and the arrival of "mining disasters", the graphics card market has become normal, but for consumers, one is afraid of buying The second is to look forward to the release of the RTX40 series, which will bring stronger performance at the same price, but this time, the party seems to have not waited for victory, because in the latest news, the RTX40 series graphics cards The actual performance is not as explosive as people think. According to the source, the performance of the new graphics card using the AD106 core does not seem to be that strong, with a running score of less than 70,000 points in the Time Spy Extreme (4K DX12) mode of 3D Mark. According to NVIDIA's practice and past experience, the AD106 core should appear on the RTX4060 series, which means that the public version of the RTX4060 scored less than 70,000 in Time Spy Extreme (4K DX12) mode, compared to the RTX3070Ti in the same The score in mode is 73000 points. Previous news all believed that the RTX40 series graphics card had doubled the performance of the GTX10 series graphics card compared to the previous generation, but now more and more news proves that this is just a regular update. But given the rising prices of new graphics cards in recent years, higher performance is likely to correspond to higher prices. NVIDIA has officially announced that it will hold an event at 23:00 on September 20, Beijing time, that is, the official release of the RTX40 series graphics card, but obviously the first batch of graphics cards to be released will be the RTX4080/4090 flagship cards, but they can also roughly Analyze the performance upgrade of the new graphics card, let's wait and see.

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