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ThinkBook 14+ Ruilong Edition has a problem: should I choose RTX2050 or 32GB memory for the same price?

Posting time:2023-03-26 11:22:18

ThinkBook 14+ Ruilong Edition has a problem: should I choose RTX2050 or 32GB memory for the same price?

To say that the most worthwhile product in the office book this year is probably the ThinkBook 14+. This notebook has a high-value appearance, good detailed design, and also has a good performance release. It can take all AMD and Intel platforms, and there is an optional independent display version, which can almost allow consumers with different needs to find the corresponding model. . However, sometimes it is difficult to choose too many options. For example, the Ryzen version of this notebook is subdivided into two models, 1VCD and 0BCD, both of which are 6499 yuan, but who should I choose? Let's take a look at the basic configuration of the two models of ThinkBook 14+. Both notebooks are Ryzen 7-6800H processors, both are 512GB SSDs, both notebooks are equipped with 62Wh batteries, both are a 14-inch 2880×1800 high-resolution screen, both are 90Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB high color gamut , Metal contrasting color body, large touchpad, infrared camera, privacy protection and other aspects are not different, after all, it is the same model, and most importantly, the price is 6499 yuan. So what's the difference? The 1VCD version is a nuclear display model with 32GB of memory, while the 0BCD version is a standalone display model with 16GB of memory, but there is an RTX2050 independent display. Although the built-in nuclear display of the Ryzen 7 is already very strong, the RTX2050 can still double the performance of the nuclear display, and it is also more friendly to productivity acceleration support. So 6499 yuan to choose large memory or choose independent display, it becomes a problem on this notebook. Wouldn't it be okay to choose the standalone version and then upgrade the memory later? Certainly not, because the memory is onboard. In fact, the RTX2050 is not a choice for playing games, especially on a 14-inch notebook. The biggest value of matching the independent display is that some software can greatly speed up and increase the operating efficiency by more than 400%. But not all of them can be used all the time. On the contrary, Windows 11 still requires a lot of memory, and 16GB of memory is often not enough. Let's talk about other aspects of the notebook. The ThinkBook 14+ is well-received not just because of its performance and configuration, but because it is good in every way. For example, as a 14-inch notebook, its interface is very complete, and a hidden USB2.0 is used to store the mouse receiver. The details are full, and it can be completely independent of the docking station, which is quite convenient for office users. So how to choose depends on your specific needs. If it comes to the acceleration of productivity, the RTX2050 alone can significantly shorten the time. But if these are not involved, or the software used does not support CUDA and does not choose the acceleration mode, then 32GB of memory is more secure. No matter which choice you choose, it is an unproven option for this notebook. Are you more inclined to choose large memory or independent display?

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