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How does Apple's iPhone 14 turn rotten into magic?

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:34:30

How does Apple's iPhone 14 turn rotten into magic?

There is an old saying, "to exist is to be reasonable". But honestly, I disagree with this point of view. I think it exists for a reason, but whether it makes sense is another matter. This is a philosophical question. I put this philosophical question on today's protagonist, the iPhone 14 Pro, and it really came just right. In the past few years, our mobile phone screens have been replaced by a variety of special-shaped screens from the original complete screen to the back, such as notch screens, water drop screens, pill screens, and now hole-punch screens. Although some mobile phone screens are really full screen now, it is undeniable that most mobile phone screens in the current mobile phone market are special-shaped screens. I believe everyone knows who the initiator of this matter is, Apple. I think it was the iPhone X that "led" the trend of mobile phone Liu Haiping. Of course, the iPhone X also carried a lot of infamy like "spicy eyes" and "destroying aesthetics". In the just-released iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the screen has changed from a bang to a smart island, but this time the sound given by the outside world is very different from before. From the past when everyone scoffed at the hole-digging screen, today everyone applauds Apple's interactive design. This also reflects how Apple's design philosophy? Apple's design philosophy: A design that can't take into account functions is not a good design. In every generation of iPhone, we can see many unique designs. The bangs screen of the iPhone X, the triangle-arranged camera of the iPhone 11 Pro, and the smart island on the iPhone 14 Pro now. Whether the designs of the iPhone X iPhone 11 Pro are good-looking is another matter. After all, this is a thousand Hamlet's question. But to describe it as unique, no one should be able to object. Although these designs are indeed not good-looking in the eyes of most people, they are simply designed to be good-looking, which is not Apple's design philosophy. In Apple's design philosophy, if you can't take into account the functional design, it is not a good design. Obviously, in Apple's eyes, design and function are the relationship between service and being served. Having good-looking designs without actual functionality is not allowed in Apple's products. So we can see that even if people say Liu Haiping is ugly and triangular-arranged cameras are ugly, this is how Apple made products. iPhone bangs internal components iPhone 11 Pro triangle-arranged lens module because the bangs have sensors for 3D face recognition and other functions, so they have to use bangs; because the triangle-arranged camera arrangement can make switching between the three lenses smoother It is smooth, so it must be arranged in a triangle. So back to the philosophical question "Is existence reasonable"? Looking back today, we can of course say after the fact that these designs of Apple may not be reasonable, but Apple did give its own reasons, not blind designs. So next time Apple doesn't know how to make some weird designs, we might as well look at the problem from the perspective of design and functionality. After clarifying this antecedent, let's take a look at the biggest selling point of the iPhone 14 Pro in my opinion, the Smart Island. Details of Apple: The king of interaction, the madness of the times Why is an apple an apple? It's Apple because it does what other manufacturers can't. One of them is Apple's invincible interactive experience. And the Smart Island on the iPhone 14 Pro has taught a lot of mobile phone manufacturers a lesson. This lesson is like Napoli battering Liverpool in the Champions League group stage after the press conference. Apple is well aware that it is almost impossible to achieve a true full screen with current technology and to take into account 3D face recognition, sensors such as the front lens. Even if it can, it is very likely that the experience is very bad like the under-screen camera of some mobile phones, which is not in line with Apple's design concept mentioned above. Now that acceptance has become the only option, I believe that Apple's designers probably have this idea in their minds "rather than resist it, it's better to enjoy it". If you just turn bangs into pills, this is obviously not enough to be the selling point of the iPhone 14 Pro. So Apple's designers, especially the interactive UI designers, decided to do something new with the pill. The new meaning of smart island interaction is smart island. When you see a hole that was originally the size of a pill, it will change to a different form of information push because of the different applications users use. It will instantly feel very magical, as if giving life to this pill, like the small briquettes in "Spirited Away". In fact, it is not an unprecedented problem to realize the function of Smart Island, but the difficulty lies in interaction and creativity. For Apple, the smooth animation of this kind of shape change is as simple as Messi's one-stop excellence and Cristiano Ronaldo's God descending to the earth, which is so far comparable to other manufacturers. I have no doubts about the authenticity of the Smart Island animation that Apple showed at the press conference. Because for the iPhone and even for Apple, this is their lifeblood. What is rare is that Apple can perfectly combine the smart island and notification interaction, making the smart island a treasure island for information collection. Users can interact with everything they do on their mobile phones. It is so harmonious and harmonious. have practical effect. In the case of limited hardware, I can still think of such a creative solution and stick to my own design concept. This is what I am amazed at Apple designers. The pill design that everyone sneered at was to turn corruption into magic in Apple's hands, making everyone exclaim "Smart Island is really cute!" There is really only Apple. Of course, all of this is not difficult to see. In the control of these details, Apple is almost crazy "detail maniac". This seems to be an accidental realization on a mobile phone, but in fact, it has long been derived from the concept that Apple has always adhered to. Of course, I also believe that in the near future, many manufacturers should launch various follow-up programs. But before that. The iPhone 14 Pro and even Apple are once again leading the way with their great design concepts. This time, the word "leading" no longer needs to be enclosed in double quotation marks.

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