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915 super category day fever hits as low as 50% off

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:55:28

915 super category day fever hits as low as 50% off

The Mid-Autumn Festival is finally here, and everyone must be planning where to go for these three days. On September 10th, 915 Jingdong Electric Super Category Day all-channel warm-up started, Transformers brought the "50% off Mystery Store" to Shenyang, Chongqing, and Xi'an, and friends went to Jingdong Electric Super Experience Store Chongqing Store/Xi'an Jingdong Mall/Shenyang JD Mall can interact with Transformers, and you can get 50% off on iPhone purchases, 50% off on electrical appliances, JD E-cards, home appliance cleaning coupons and other surprise benefits. Don’t be sad for users who are not in these three areas. 915 Jingdong Electric Super Category Day has also prepared many surprises for everyone, such as 50% off on popular products, as low as 0 yuan for cross-category trade-in, and 30 yuan off for every 300 yuan For valuable benefits such as coupons, JD PLUS members can receive exclusive coupons of RMB 300 off over RMB 3,000, RMB 150 off over RMB 2,000, and RMB 70 off over RMB 1,000, allowing consumers to easily buy trendy electrical appliances at great value and low prices. If you are still hesitating and don’t know which products to buy, let’s take a look at the following popular products worth starting. Renewing high-quality home appliances to improve home happiness has now entered the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" home improvement season. If consumers need to purchase home appliances for new house decoration, or to replace old home appliances in new homes, Jingdong Electric's 915 Super Category Day will definitely have a lot of high-quality home appliances. worth considering. The smoke stove is far away, the smoking ability is insufficient, and it is easy to block the sight when it is close. The Vantage Ideal Home X6 smoke stove set solves this problem. To get a broad vision, at 8 pm on September 14th, will get it for only 4,999 yuan. If you don’t have much space at home and want a large-capacity refrigerator, Casarte Zero-Distance Free Embedded Ultra-thin Refrigerator is worth choosing. It is embedded at 0 cm and can be more integrated with the surrounding households. It is ultra-thin at 60 cm and covers an area of ​​0.4 square meters. , you don't need to take up too much space, but you can harvest 380 liters of refined storage capacity. At 8 pm on September 14th, will get it at a price of 7999 yuan! When it comes to the popular "net celebrity small appliances", the air fryer can occupy a place. The Philips starfish air fryer has a visual window, the ingredients do not need to be turned over, and it is easy to clean. At 8 p.m. on September 14, Jingdong The price is only 799 yuan, not to be missed! Choose the best computer digital products at your fingertips. Office life is easier. Learning and office work requires a smooth and smooth computer digital product to meet the needs of daily work, online classes, meetings and other scenarios. ASUS Intrepid Pro15 2022 Core Edition is a good choice as an all-round thin and light notebook. It uses the 12th generation i5-12500H standard pressure processor, and the performance is enough to meet the needs of daily study and work. At 8:00 p.m. on September 14th, the 512GB solid-state version Jingdong Only 6299 yuan. If you want a thin and light notebook with more eye protection, the Dell Lingyue 13Pro is a good choice. It has triple technology eye protection and weighs as light as 1.25kg. It is portable wherever you go. At 8:00 p.m. on September 14th, the i5-1240P version will be available on for 5,599 yuan. Many people prefer a larger screen for watching dramas or e-sports at home. The Huawei tablet M6 is a good choice. Using Kirin 980, there is no pressure on e-sports or entertainment. With liquid cooling, it can ensure the full performance of the tablet. At 8:00 p.m. on September 14th, the 8G+128G WiFi version on is only 1799 yuan. At the same time, the Fengmi P1 pocket projector will drop by 2,000 yuan, starting from 1,999 yuan, and the Philips true wireless Bluetooth headset will be 99 yuan at 8:00 p.m. on September 14. It is better to act immediately. A new mobile phone brings a new experience of daily technology. Recently, there is the idea of ​​changing a mobile phone, and the Jingdong Electric 915 Super Category Day event is not to be missed. Those who are more interested in the appearance of mobile phones can take a look at the realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition. Together with world-renowned trend masters, they have launched three shapes of Hard Case Wilderness, Iceland and Cangyan, bringing consumers different feelings. The realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is equipped with the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, combined with the gaming-grade sandwich dual VC three-dimensional cooling system, with stable performance and output. At the same time, it is equipped with a new generation of X7 independent graphics chip, which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. September At 8:00 p.m. on the 14th, the 12GB+256GB version will be available on for 3,999 yuan. If you pay attention to performance, let’s take a look at the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition, equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, with sufficient performance, using a custom 1.5K flagship straight screen, higher precision for better presentation, 8GB+256GB version at 8:00 p.m. on September 14 Jingdong received 3099 yuan. In addition, the vivo X80 8GB+128GB version on will only cost 3699 yuan at 8 pm on September 14th, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 8GB+256GB version will be available for 7499 yuan, which is also worthy of attention. The 915 Super Category Day is about to open, with a wide variety of high-quality mobile phones, home appliances, computer digital and accessories to choose from, providing consumers with more choices in their lives and enjoying a comfortable time easily. If you are also interested in the above products, remember to come to to buy them at 8 pm on September 14th!

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