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Samsung S23 Ultra confirmed again: main camera and configuration are basically clear

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:09:12

Samsung S23 Ultra confirmed again: main camera and configuration are basically clear

Samsung is the representative of the most abundant resources and the strongest core competitiveness in Android. On the one hand, the accessories of the product itself come from Samsung's own supply, which also leads to more handy optimization, and many components are not supplied externally. On the other hand, Samsung can not only be self-sufficient, but also supply screens and chips to many mobile phone manufacturers. Its strength is still very exaggerated, so many consumers support and recognize the brand itself every year. However, the popularity of Samsung mobile phones has never been particularly high in the domestic market, which also makes it difficult for many consumers to be tempted when they see the new phone. However, there is often a saying in the market that "knowledgeable" users will choose Samsung mobile phones, especially after the Samsung S23 Ultra was again exposed by the market, many users did pay attention to it. You must know that after the release of the Samsung S22 Ultra, not only did the original Samsung S series users have expectations, but also users who like the Samsung Note series began to be curious about this model. In the face of this situation, coupled with the fact that the release time of Samsung S23 Ultra is getting closer and closer, it has indeed brought great expectations to consumers. It can even be said that the lens specifications and parameter specifications are basically clear. The first is the lens specification. Since some mobile phone manufacturers have adopted a 200 million pixel lens, it has indeed brought consumers a very good experience. However, the sensor is Samsung, which has led many users to think that Samsung should also study 200 million. lens. From the information, the lens parameters of the Samsung S23 Ultra will be improved. It will use a 200-megapixel (200MP) image sensor with 0.6-micron (μm) pixels, a 1/1.3" outsole, and an F1.7 aperture. The specifications of this lens have been improved quite a bit, and it uses the unreleased 200-megapixel sensor ISOCELL HP2, which has better overall performance than HP1 and HP3. In addition, the specifications of Samsung S23 Ultra are not suspenseful. That is to say, it is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, which is also a brand-new processor that has not been released. There is no problem in terms of strength. After all, it is a new iterative version of the Snapdragon 8+ processor. You must know that the Snapdragon 8+ processor is used in mobile phones. The market has set off a very high heat, which not only brings excellent performance, but also better power consumption control, which also means that the expectations of the new phone will be greatly improved. However, the release time of Samsung mobile phones is relatively late. The performance of this processor is expected to be seen earlier on other manufacturers, so users who have requirements for performance can also inspect this new and unreleased processor in advance. In addition, the body size has also been exposed before. The body size is 163.4 × 78.1 × 8.9 mm, and the width of the middle frame will increase, which will reduce the curved part of the screen and make it closer to the micro-curved screen. It should be understood that Samsung mobile phones have always advocated screens with large curvature, but with Due to the lack of interaction with the curved screen and the problems of false touches, the micro-curved screen began to be accepted by users, and Samsung began to use it. In addition, the screen quality of Samsung mobile phones has always been very high, and it is estimated that LTPO technology and 120Hz will continue to be used. The refresh rate and the possibility of DC dimming, etc. In addition, the Samsung S22 Ultra has already brought the S Pen stylus function, so after the Samsung S23 Ultra, this function will naturally not be absent, and it is even possible to develop more More new functions. Moreover, the craftsmanship of Samsung mobile phones has become stronger and stronger in recent years, combined with a lot of news about new functions and new configurations in the market, then Samsung should have new configuration parameters and everyone. Let’s meet. For example, LPPDR5X and UFS4.0 technology, these are the key elements to make the new phone stronger. I believe that Samsung S23 Ultra should not be absent this time. In short, although Samsung mobile phones are not very popular in the domestic market, but The performance of stacking is quite impressive, which should be the key to many users' expectations. What do you think about this, please leave a message, like, and share.

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