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Huawei mate50 can't stop the hot sales of iPhone 14, and the more expensive Pro is more sought after by Chinese

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:16:31

Huawei mate50 can't stop the hot sales of iPhone 14, and the more expensive Pro is more sought after by Chinese

On September 9, the pre-sale of the iPhone 14 started. It is surprising that the beggar version of the iPhone 14 was not robbed by many people, while the expensive and newly designed iPhone 14 Pro was almost gone in seconds. It is reported that there are no iPhone 14 Pro available for pre-order in offline retail stores. It highlights the popularity of domestic consumers for the iPhone 14 Pro. Blocking the iPhone 14 is undoubtedly Huawei's mate 50. The mate 50 was released before the iPhone 14 and shouted a slogan to pierce the sky. In fact, it is equipped with satellite communication technology. It can be said that Huawei took the lead in announcing commercial satellite communication technology by nearly a day. Apple's iPhone 14 was released less than a day later, and it also announced that it supports satellite communication technology. However, although both mobile phone companies emphasized support for satellite communication technology, industry insiders pointed out that in the current environment, these satellite communication technologies still face many restrictions. Not much use for the vast majority of ordinary users. The other technologies of the two mobile phone companies are actually nothing new. Huawei mate50 uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8+ chip. With advanced technology, Snapdragon 8+ controls power consumption and does not generate heat. Although the A16 processor released by Apple claims to have further improved performance, it is limited by the process - the same as the A15, it uses TSMC's 5nm process. In fact, the performance improvement is limited. It is said that the single-core performance of the A16 processor has improved by about 10%, but Geekbench data recently showed that the multi-core performance of the A16 processing has regressed. As for the Apple pill screen design, in fact, this has long been the design adopted by Android phones. As for multi-cameras, Android phones have developed to 5 cameras, while the iPhone 14 Pro only uses three cameras. After the release, the media complained about the iPhone 14. Quite a few, but they respect Huawei mate50. It seems that the iPhone 14 will be crushed by mate50 again. However, no matter what the voices on the Internet say, everything depends on the actual actions, that is, the market performance. Obviously, the pre-sale of the iPhone 14 is out of stock, which highlights that domestic consumers are once again saying no, but they are actually rushing to buy, indicating that domestic consumers are rushing to buy. of consumers highly recognize Apple, so that even if it is criticized a lot, even if it is expensive, consumers still love it. What domestic consumers like about the iPhone 14 Pro is that it adopts a brand-new design, the first screen with a pill screen, and the first with a rear triple-camera design. Therefore, buying it means that consumers have enough financial strength to pursue a more advanced iPhone, which represents a trend. In contrast, Huawei's mate50 does not support 5G, and the performance of the Snapdragon 8+ is two to three generations behind the A16 processor, but the price is not cheap, so the performance of the market proves that the mate50 cannot take on the heavy responsibility of sniping Apple. Consumers I don't buy it either. It is impossible for Huawei to recover its glory with the mate50. Since 2020, Apple's advantages in the Chinese mobile phone market have become increasingly prominent. In the first half of this year, the iPhone 13 was extremely popular, and domestic mobile phones were completely unstoppable. However, the shipments of domestic mobile phones were rapidly declining. Today's iPhone 14 just changes its design. The high recognition shows that the domestic consumers' love for Apple is not comparable to that of domestic mobile phones. It is estimated that at this moment, Apple CEO Cook is already happily preparing to count the money.

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