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CCTV real hammer, the United States has been monitoring Chinese mobile phones for a long time

Posting time:2023-03-26 04:00:47

CCTV real hammer, the United States has been monitoring Chinese mobile phones for a long time

It's been a long time, everyone. There have been too many major press conferences recently. We had to release them early for several days... Huawei Mate50 front PK iPhone 14, how do you choose? In terms of overall product strength, the iPhone 14 series is still slightly better. It can support several generations of Android processors, a complete ecosystem, and heavy-duty satellite communications. There is really nothing to be picky about. It looks like this on paper, but some friends left a message in the background saying that if you buy an iPhone now, you are not afraid of being monitored by the United States? I don't dare... At this moment, the old fox is stunned. When did such heavy negative information be exposed? After a while, I realized that it was actually reported by CCTV a few days ago that Northwestern Polytechnical University was attacked by the US NSA network. At the same time, it was also exposed that the NSA conducted indiscriminate voice monitoring of Chinese mobile phone users for a long time, illegally stealing the content of text messages, and wirelessly locating them. The United States monitors the mobile phones of domestic users, so many users will naturally think of the iPhone, and it is no wonder that they are worried that the new iPhone is not safe, so what is the truth? According to CCTV, the US National Security Agency (NSA) used 41 types of cyber-attack weapons to steal important data from Northwestern Polytechnical University. And before carrying out related cyber attacks, the NSA had already installed "inner ghosts" and obtained the network equipment management rights of many large and well-known Internet companies in the United States. These devices hold a large amount of China's communication data, allowing the United States to continue to invade China's important domestic information networks. Good guy, there are many large and well-known Internet companies in the United States, right? That's what the real hammer means! The Internet companies here are basically what everyone thinks of must be in it, but as for which brands are being monitored, Android is excluded first. Google’s domestic service is 404, so Android users are safe this time. As for the Apple mobile phone that everyone is concerned about, the service is enabled in China, but the server is actually in China, because from February 28, 2018, the domestic iCloud server has been transferred to Guizhou on the cloud. Everyone in Guizhou on the cloud knows that it is a wholly state-owned enterprise. Therefore, our country also has a backer, and it is not easy to let others steal data. Everyone can rest assured about the mobile phone. There must be no leakage at the manufacturer level. The servers are all in China, and Laomei will definitely not be able to get it. CCTV's indiscriminate monitoring is a national-level attack, which requires more advanced technology to intercept. The attack was announced by a joint investigation by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and 360 Company. That's right, it is the 360 ​​installed on many friends' computers. Although there are many slots, the 360 ​​is still very advanced in terms of security. According to 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi's Weibo, he said that the biggest threat to us from state-level attacks is that we could not see these attacks in the past. A certain big country has formed a long-term "one-way transparency" advantage for us, so that many of our units have been attacked. do not know. For the "attack" of others, you must be on the same level as others to fight back, otherwise, you can only be someone else's toy and be a mermaid. Today, 360 has broken through the “seeing” bottleneck problem, and has discovered and dealt with multiple latent infiltrations by foreign cyber forces. Therefore, we can relax the dim sum of information leakage at the mobile phone level, because the national security level has been raised to the level where it can be seen and then intercepted, and indiscriminate monitoring will be curbed. In Laohu's view, the Internet of Vehicles should be one of the security issues that deserve more attention in the future. You should still have an impression of Didi's review results earlier. As the No. 1 online car-hailing platform in China, if you don't protect user data and domestic sensitive traffic information, you will definitely have no good end. The second half of online car-hailing is undoubtedly autonomous driving. Autonomous driving is more intelligent, and all data is processed through network servers. Once hacked, all data will be exposed. More seriously, the control of the car will also be lost. and deprived. Just like the hacking incident of Russia's largest taxi platform Yandex Taxi this week, malicious hackers booked dozens of taxis in one go on the online car-hailing application Yandex Taxi, which directly caused traffic jams in Moscow. While this intrusion was resolved in less than an hour, the dangers of them can be imagined as more self-driving cars hit the road in the future. Many netizens have said that the future is really at a critical juncture. Will these uncontrolled smart cars become the weapons of the enemy and attack us in turn? If it was a movie, there would be a lot of such scenes, but this extreme situation is too difficult to appear in reality. After all, when it comes to fighting the bayonet, it doesn't matter whether the car is a car or not. At this stage, what we should pay more attention to is that the United States has formed a comprehensive blockade network against China, how to break through this situation. Everyone is familiar with the operation on the bright side. From the initial national-level trade blockade, the United States has now transformed into precise point-to-point sanctions. From Huawei to the recent chip bill, the United States clearly wants to block China's high-end technology development. Are we ready to respond? Secretly, just like this attack on Northwestern Polytechnical University, the United States has been attacking for more than 10 years. Even if it is exposed this time, it will definitely appear in a more secret and confusing identity next time. We can detect and intercept it in time. ? In the past, this may have been an unsolvable problem, but now, China is not what it used to be. Secret attacks, 360's digital security brain of the entire network, can detect and deal with the latent infiltration of foreign cyber forces, and can also provide ecological manufacturers through platforms and SDKs, enabling them to quickly build and enhance their own security analysis capability system , thus countering the risk of future attacks. As for the attack on the bright side, there are more hand cards. In terms of restricting the most advanced process technology, the United States prohibits the export of advanced process equipment of 14nm and below to China. At the same time, the export of chip design EDA software will be restricted, so that the "ceiling" of domestic chip design will be locked within 3nm. It seems to be a very serious situation, but the domestic 14nm lithography machine has already seen the hope of a breakthrough. According to Hu Weiwu, the chief designer of Godson, 90% of the current technology products can be solved using 14nm or 28nm chip solutions. Even if the power consumption and performance are a little worse, as long as the domestic replacement can be completed, we will have more time for research and breakthroughs, so as to solve the "stuck neck" situation. There are also high-end GPU chips that have just been restricted recently. There are also domestic companies such as Biren Technology that provide alternative products. In fact, domestic independent technology has worked harder than we thought. Although the domestic technology industry has been severely suppressed, the crisis is also an opportunity. As long as we can hold on and complete domestic substitution, then our good days are not far away... Reference: CCTV News: Why is the United States eyeing Northwestern Polytechnical University? 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