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Huawei and Apple debuted one after another, "chips" are no longer important, and the reasons are very realistic

Posting time:2023-03-26 03:09:29

Huawei and Apple debuted one after another, "chips" are no longer important, and the reasons are very realistic

The mobile phone industry has ushered in a lot of attention, because Huawei and Apple have recently released new products. Huawei is the Mate 50 series, and Apple is the iPhone 14 series. There are many differences between the two mobile phones, but there are some similarities. First of all, both the Huawei Mate 50 series and the iPhone 14 series support satellite communication technology. Huawei and Apple represent the top level of technology companies in China and the United States, and have the super strength to lead the industry. Secondly, both Huawei and Apple have basically taken the chips of the new phone in one go, and there is no emphasis on how strong the upgrade is in previous years, especially the Apple iPhone 14, which uses the previous generation chips, which has never happened in the past. This time, Apple has focused on the smart island, camera and screen of the iPhone 14 Pro series, which is also the part of Apple's key promotion, and the processor has not been introduced too much. Although Apple has also released the A16 chip as usual, this chip is only used in the iPhone 14 Pro series, and the standard version of the iPhone 14 still uses the previous-generation A15 chip. In addition, the appearance of the iPhone 14 has not changed from the iPhone 13, which means that Apple is also intentionally reducing users' attention to the chip. Although Huawei uses the latest Snapdragon 8+, it basically does not mention this chip. Huawei and Apple are deliberately reducing the attention of chips when they release new products. Is it because chips are not so important for mobile phones? Regarding the strategies of these two leading companies, I have the following views for your reference. Huawei and Apple deliberately did not mention chips, first of all because the performance of mobile phone chips is excessive. Apple mentioned that "even the A15 chip is far ahead of the competition", so there is no need to introduce too much chips on the iPhone 14 series. The author believes that the current smartphone performance is indeed excessive, and the processor performance of a mid-range machine is very sufficient. The chips carried by mainstream models on the market will not be widely used in AR and VR applications. is completely adequate. For this reason, Huawei and Apple are too lazy to focus on the chip when they release new products, because users know that it is impossible to have problems such as lag when using the latest flagship released by them. Secondly, the focus of consumers’ attention has changed. In the past, mobile phones were bought for powerful performance to ensure smooth operation, so consumers will pay attention to the chips equipped in mobile phones. However, it is difficult to meet consumers' replacement needs by simply upgrading performance and adjusting the appearance. Therefore, manufacturers have begun to apply more innovative functions and experiences to the latest products. Satellite communication technology and Apple's smart island design are both It is so. There are also system changes. Whether it is Huawei or Apple, its self-developed system is their killer. Huawei has Hongmeng system, and Apple has iOS system. Both systems can provide a unique user experience. Taking Huawei's Hongmeng system as an example, the Hongmeng OS 3 running on the Mate 50 series can not only greatly improve the fluency of the mobile phone, but also upgrade the application opening speed and game performance, which can be used frequently and often. There are also the ecological advantages of the Hongmeng system, which can realize interconnection and multi-screen collaboration. Huawei's super terminal can support connecting multiple devices at the same time. In today's interconnected world, Huawei is equivalent to providing users with the best solution. It can be seen that today's consumers are upgrading from the pursuit of performance to the pursuit of experience, so Huawei and Apple are both deliberately lowering chip expectations and reducing consumers' attention, because chips are indeed not as important as before. The reason is very simple and very realistic, because the performance of current flagship smartphones is basically too much, Huawei and Apple do not need to introduce at length, users' experience of new features has improved, and the focus has shifted to system and functional design. . So when you buy a mobile phone, what are the selling points of a mobile phone that you will focus on? Welcome to comment, like, share, and talk about your views.

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