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Xpeng Flying Cars Exhibit in Dubai

Posting time:2023-03-26 03:04:27

Xpeng Flying Cars Exhibit in Dubai

[gearbest News] As we all know, the ambitions of the new car-making forces are not only in four-wheeled vehicles. Every brand has said that it is exploring the future travel scene. In addition to the automobile business, Xiaopeng also has Xiaopeng Huitian. A company specializing in the research and development of aircraft (flying cars). Recently, the company officially announced that it will participate in the GITEX GLOBAL technology exhibition in Dubai, and the output product is the traveler X2 from the company. Since it is an exhibition, it will definitely not be a static display. It is reported that Xiaopeng Huitian has obtained the license of the local Civil Aviation Administration, which also allows the Traveler X2 to conduct pre-compliance verification flight tests in Dubai. At the show, there should be a small number of people who will have the opportunity to experience the flying car for themselves. In addition to participating in the exhibition, Xiaopeng Huitian also hopes to promote Dubai's low-altitude risk operation assessment and certification in the field of flying cars, which is also to lay the foundation for the smooth landing of products in the future. With the permission of the local government, users who are willing to buy with real money are indispensable. In terms of performance specifications, the Voyager X2 body is made of carbon fiber material, which also makes its unladen weight only 560 kg. This flying car is designed to carry 2 people and has a maximum battery life of 35 minutes. The Voyager X2 has a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour and can fly to an altitude of 1,000 meters.

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