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Mate50 has 5G, see you in October! Do you have any regrets this time?

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:51:23

Mate50 has 5G, see you in October! Do you have any regrets this time?

Not long ago, the Mate50 series was finally successfully released, and we finally saw the new Mate work that Huawei has been brewing for almost two years. After the release of this Mate50, it was followed by the arrival of the iPhone 14 series. Since the two are very close, there is a stalk between 60Hz and 4G in the 6000 yuan gear. In recent years, the culture of the fan circle has gradually been integrated into the mobile phone circle, and the fans of each family have also launched a strong battle. They always want to overwhelm each other through the power of words, but if they can really solve this problem, everyone will not be so in the comment area. Get angry. Take the most noisy fruit powder and pollen, let's analyze it rationally. Apple is very strong, right? The smoothness of iOS is enough to prove everything, but its signal and some configurations are slammed by Android. Since there is no real competitor, all kinds of toothpaste are squeezed and inventory is cleared. The iPhone 13 is replaced by a chip and camera. As for Huawei, as the only domestic manufacturer to stand firmly in the high-end market, it has proved that self-research is the last word for domestic friends with the Kirin processor. At the same time, the Hongmeng system has proved its own research and development capabilities. However, its pricing is as ungrounded as ever in the absence of 5G, and ordinary consumers are powerless. On the whole, no manufacturer is perfect, and everyone is not wise to eat melons. Apple has now developed a differentiated strategy. If you want to experience the real iPhone 14 upgrade, you can only spend more money to buy the Pro version. Huawei's side is different. There are four models of Mate50, namely Mate50E, Mate50, Mate50 Pro, Mate50RS Porsche design. Except Mate 50E is Snapdragon 778G 4G processor, all other models are Snapdragon 8+ 4G processor, if you have money, you can't solve the 5G pain point. For the vast number of consumers, in the 5G era, I can not use it, you can not do it, and the 5G communication shell that I thought was rumored did not appear with the press conference, which made many fans a little uncomfortable. A few days ago, digital blogger @Factory Director Shi Guan revealed that the 5G communication shell of Huawei Mate 50 series is coming soon, probably around October. Judging from the pictures posted, the Mate 50 communication case has an obvious "5G" logo at the bottom, and the words "5G Phone Case" are printed. According to the previous P50 Pro 5G communication shell, this communication shell also supports 5G dual-mode, supports three major operators, and needs to open the eSIM service. With the blessing of the communication shell, the 4G mobile phone becomes a 5G mobile phone in seconds. It's just that this 5G communication shell is not cheap. At that time, the initial price was 799 yuan. It is understood that it will cost an extra ten yuan per month to open the service. At the same time, the power consumption is large and the power consumption is large, and even the 5G network connection is not very stable. , users who have spent money are naturally dissatisfied. Now it depends on whether Huawei or a third-party company can improve the user experience in October. If the price and experience are still so "conscientious", will anyone buy the next Huawei flagship?

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