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Apple releases new iPhone 14 series, Jingdong 3C digital shell film and other practical accessories attract attention

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:23:19

Apple releases new iPhone 14 series, Jingdong 3C digital shell film and other practical accessories attract attention

On September 8th, Apple's press conference, which can be called the "Spring Festival Gala of the Technology World", kicked off. The iPhone 14 series smartphones, Apple Watch smart wearable watches, AirPods Pro 2 and other new products were launched, attracting a large number of consumers' attention and eagerly looking forward to it. Looking forward to placing an order. After buying a new phone, accessories such as mobile phone cases and mobile phone films to protect the mobile phone should also be arranged immediately. At present, 3C Digital is hereby launching the "New Season of Mobile Phone Accessories in September". Professional brands such as Lvlian, Pinsheng, Anker, Baseus, Bunkers, Nubia, etc. have everything, and a 15% discount on a popular item, let Fruit fans can easily purchase all the necessary accessories in one stop to protect the new machine with more sense of security. After getting the phone, the most worrying thing for fruit fans is the tragic breakage of the mobile phone screen. At this time, it is particularly necessary to start with a high-quality mobile phone film and mobile phone case. As the only iPhone screen glass designated by Apple, Corning Gorilla Glass has strong anti-scratch performance, and this high-end version of Corning tempered glass launched by Bunkers is the same as the mobile phone screen material, which brings infinitely close to the bare phone feel at the same time. , has stronger drop resistance and better scratch resistance, and can be called the second screen of the iPhone. PITAKA, as the "king" of mobile phone cases, this MagEZ Case 3 Kevlar mobile phone case, which is scarce in 600D Kevlar, creates a 3D bare metal feel, fits every corner of the phone, and is lighter and thinner for a better experience. Upgrade the MagSafe magnetic group to improve the charging efficiency and keep the new iPhone in a "full power" state at all times. In addition, the Lvlian mobile phone holder can free your hands and support the weight of the mobile phone. Now come to to participate in the seckill, so that you can enjoy the high-quality new iPhone 14 experience at a more favorable price. This time, the iPhone 14 has been upgraded in battery life, but if you want to stay away from power anxiety, you also need a charger that can charge quickly. has launched a new Nubia charger set, with 65W three ports and 100W fast charging cable, to meet the needs of charging multiple devices at the same time. As an Apple-specific skin-friendly fast charging cable, the Anker data cable is made of silicone material that is not easy to bend, and the candy color matching is also full of fashion. With the compact and portable Baseus GaN III charger, multi-port fast charging does not hurt the machine, and low-temperature charging is safer, bringing you a unique charging experience. During the launch of Apple's new products, you can enjoy a 5% discount on any two items you choose when you place an order on for new shell and film charging accessories. The Pinsheng 3-in-1 Wireless Charger and Belkin Magnetic 3-in-1 Wireless Charger bring you a completely new charging experience. Even if there is frequent vibration, it can firmly adsorb the mobile phone, and it can be charged as soon as it is placed. Start charging anytime, anywhere. For those who want to buy the new iPhone 14, in addition to ordering the new phone, has also launched more new accessories, including mobile phones, shell films, cables and power banks. 14's strongest partner. Fruit fans, hurry up and lock in Jingdong, and get home with all the good things in one stop!

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