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The domestic chip manufacturing process has finally achieved a first, opening up a new path outside the lithography machine

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:36:50

The domestic chip manufacturing process has finally achieved a first, opening up a new path outside the lithography machine

A few days ago, SMIC, the largest chip foundry in mainland China, said that it has mass-produced the 55nm BCD process, which is the most advanced BCD process in the world. craft. The BCD process is a monolithic integration technology. By centrally manufacturing Bipolar devices, CMOS devices and DMOS devices on the same chip, it reduces power loss, improves system performance, and saves chip packaging costs. Of course, it is more important to effectively improve Therefore, this process technology is widely used in the automotive chip industry. The BCD process was first successfully developed by STMicroelectronics in 1985. Because it pioneered the BCD process, it has always been in a leading position in this process. It has been developed to the tenth generation, but it has only reached 90nm, while SMIC The development of the 55nm BCD process means that SMIC has ranked first in the world in this process. STMicroelectronics relies on its leading BCD process in the automotive industry. Especially in recent years, the demand for automotive chips has surged. STMicroelectronics has benefited a lot. It has a 20% market share in the global MCU chip market. This year's Q1 performance Show revenue reached $3.546 billion, while net profit was $747 million, with a net profit margin of 21%. According to data released by STMicroelectronics, the global demand for automotive chips is more than 30% higher than its maximum production capacity. As a result, its orders have been softened. This year's automotive chip production capacity has been sold out, and the backlog of orders will take 18 months to complete. It shows that it is extremely popular in the automotive chip industry by relying on the leading BCD process. SMIC's mass production of the world's most advanced BCD process will help it further seize the market. Previously, SMIC's chip orders were mainly in the mobile phone chip industry. After all, China is the world's largest mobile phone market, and Chinese mobile phones have also occupied nearly 50% of the market share, which once provided the impetus for SMIC to grow. However, due to well-known reasons, it is difficult for SMIC to obtain EUV lithography machines, which makes it difficult to develop advanced processes in the traditional sense. This also leads to the fact that the mobile phone chips it manufactures are mainly mobile phone supporting chips produced by mature processes. , while the main mobile phone processors, baseband chips, etc. are mainly handed over to TSMC and other foundries, and it is difficult to obtain higher-profit high-end chip orders. The successful research and development of the BCD process will provide new impetus for SMIC. Just as STMicroelectronics relies on the leading BCD process to make huge profits in the rapidly developing automotive chip market, SMIC can seize the opportunity to seize the automotive chip market; The automotive chip IGBT developed by the rapidly developing BYD adopts the 90nm process, and the advanced BCD process of SMIC will promote the domestic automotive chip to further improve the technical level. Of course, China, the world's largest auto market, also provides opportunities for SMIC to develop. China sells more than 20 million cars every year. With the digital transformation of cars, the number of chips required for each car has increased from the previous 300. To a thousand, there is a lot of room for growth. Such a huge market will inject new development momentum into SMIC. Industry insiders believe that it is of positive significance for SMIC to develop differentiated chip manufacturing technology by relying on existing equipment, which can fully cultivate chip manufacturing talents and chip manufacturing technology. The industrial chain will no longer be hindered by overseas technology and equipment.

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