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The strength of "screen" interprets what is "cost-effective"! HKC T2752Q monitor out-of-the-box review

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:55:19

The strength of "screen" interprets what is "cost-effective"! HKC T2752Q monitor out-of-the-box review

It's just the beginning of the school season recently, and many students and friends around me have been asking if there are any cost-effective monitors to recommend, because at the moment when epidemic prevention is normalized, many things have gradually turned online, and everyone's time in front of the computer has increased significantly. , After watching the small screen of the notebook for a long time, it is not only uncomfortable for the eyes, but also a little unbearable for the cervical spine. Of course, their needs are also very simple. They don't need high brushing and low latency. They only need to have a good display effect, they are comfortable to use, and the price is right. In general, they highlight a "cost-effectiveness". It just so happened that we also received a 2K monitor T2752Q from HKC. The current new product pre-sale price is only 699 yuan. Can its actual experience satisfy everyone's pursuit of "cost-effectiveness"? Let's have a look! Appearance Analysis Let's take a simple look at the appearance first. The appearance of HKC T2752Q adopts a classic all-black design. The front is a 27-inch 2K screen. It adopts the most popular three-sided narrow frame design. The screen ratio reaches 92%. Overall, the visual impact is still good. The top of the frame has a heat dissipation design, which can provide better heat dissipation performance. There is HKC's brand logo on the lower border, as well as the operation buttons of the OSD menu. When it comes to the rear shell, it adopts a circular arc shape design. The surface of the rear shell material is frosted, and the texture is good under the light. The rear shell is also embellished with the HKC logo. In terms of interfaces, HKC T2752Q has a DP interface, an HDMI interface and a 3.5mm audio interface. It is enough for simple study and office work. The two input interfaces are enough to connect two devices. The bracket part, HKC T2752Q also adopts a rounded design, the bracket and base are round, and the connection with the monitor also adopts a quick-release design, which is quite praised. It is a pity that there is no cable management hole on the bracket, but considering that there are not many interfaces, it is acceptable. The material of the bracket and the base are made of all-plastic material, which has a certain toughness as a whole, and the overall stability of the bracket does not need to be worried. In general, the overall appearance of HKC T2752Q belongs to a classic design, simple and elegant, the workmanship is still worthy of recognition, and the installation is also very convenient and fast. Display measurement HKC T2752Q uses a 27-inch VA panel with 2K resolution. The refresh rate has also reached 75Hz. Compared with the 60Hz commonly used in office monitors, the fluency is still significantly improved. After connecting to the PC desktop through the DP cable, you can see that the monitor can display 2K 75Hz 8Bit RGB images. Next is the actual measurement of the panel data of the Starscream X color calibrator. In terms of color gamut coverage, according to the actual measurement results, the HKC T2752Q can reach 100% sRGB, 85% AdobeRGB and 91% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, and the performance is acceptable. Considering that most of you are studying in the office, taking online classes or watching streaming videos, most of them are in the sRGB color space, so the HKC T2752Q can reach 100% sRGB, which is completely enough, and 91% DCI-P3 color gamut is also enough. to handle some video requirements. In terms of color accuracy, the measured average color accuracy ΔE value of HKC T2752Q is 1.33. The overall color accuracy performance is not bad. The naked eye will not notice the obvious color cast, so it is not a big problem for some image processing work. Yes, don't worry about the color cast problem. In terms of color temperature, the measured color temperature of HKC T2752Q is between 6100K-6550K, and the overall tone is warmer, which is closer to the standard D65 color temperature. In terms of brightness and contrast, the performance of HKC T2752Q is also very good. The measured average brightness of the full screen can reach 337nits, which is sufficient for most usage scenarios. In terms of contrast, because the VA screen is used, the performance is much better than that of the IPS screen. The measured maximum contrast ratio of HKC T2752Q can reach 3140:1, and the dark field performance is very good. Next is the color and brightness uniformity of the screen. To be honest, the performance of the HKC T2752Q in these two items exceeded our expectations. It can be seen from the actual measurement that at 50% brightness, the maximum difference in the color uniformity of the screen is 4.5, which appears in the center of the screen. Basically, the naked eye cannot see obvious color unevenness in different areas of the screen. In terms of brightness uniformity, at 67% brightness, the maximum difference in brightness of the HKC T2752Q screen is 11%, which appears right above the screen, and the overall brightness in the middle and four corners is darker, but the naked eye can't actually see obvious vignetting. and dirty screen. Let's take a look at the overall display effect of HKC T2752Q through a set of real-shot samples of the movie. It can be seen that HKC T2752Q is playing animation movies with rich colors such as "Your Name", and the color performance of the overall picture is still very pleasing to the eye; Movies, the VA screen of HKC T2752Q can also show better dark details. In general, the screen quality of HKC T2752Q is beyond our expectations. Aside from the refresh rate, the parameters of the screen of HKC T2752Q have reached the level of many thousand-yuan monitors. Eye protection experience We also mentioned earlier that more and more things are now online, and the time we spend on the computer has increased significantly, and long-term use of the computer will inevitably lead to dry eyes and fatigue, and even more serious. There is irreversible damage. Therefore, eye protection is also a point that many people pay great attention to when purchasing monitors. One of the highlights of this HKC T2752Q is its eye protection performance, which not only has excellent display effect, but also takes into account the eye protection function. We all know that the two biggest damages to the eyes from the display screen are strobe and blue light. The strobe is mainly caused by low-frequency PWM dimming. In order to avoid the strobe problem, HKC T2752Q adopts the DC dimming scheme, so there is basically no need to worry about the strobe problem. In terms of blue light, HKC T2752Q has passed the low blue light certification of SGS, the world's authoritative third-party testing agency. It can be said that DC dimming and SGS low blue light certification are enough to prove the performance of HKC T2752Q in eye protection. HKC has also added an e-book mode specifically for text-based office scenarios such as long-term study and office work. After opening the e-book mode in the OSD menu of HKC T2752Q. The entire screen will show a paper-like display effect, and the fonts will be blackened and bolded, which will undoubtedly reduce the discomfort of our eyes when editing and reading for a long time. In summary, the performance of this HKC T2752Q is beyond our expectations. It has excellent display effect and considerate eye protection function. It can be seen that HKC has spent a lot of thought on this monitor with the main cost-effective route. , and the final performance is indeed surprising. Although there are some trade-offs in the appearance and materials, the flaws are not concealed. The overall performance is a good interpretation of the word "cost-effective". If you also happen to need a cost-effective monitor that can meet your long-term office and study needs, then this HKC T2752Q with outstanding display effect and eye protection function is definitely worth recommending.

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